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nce upon a time there was a little girl who was caring and loved to have good fun.

She had beautiful long flowing hair that glistened in the sunlight and she felt like a princess. Her favourite toys were dollies and she enjoyed dressing them up to go to the ball. She spent endless summers in the garden practicing cartwheels, playing with her hamster and racing around in her shiny red pedal car. Her favourite birthday parties were in fancy dress costumes and her mummy always had the wackiest ideas up her sleeve. Strawberries were her favourite fruit and she loved bright colours very, very, much, especially bright blue, bright yellow and bright pink. The little girl enjoyed ballet and her mummy suggested also trying tap and disco which was wonderful!

When she was 9 years old the little girl made up dances and practised them in the playground with her friend. Their version of "Blue Moon" from the film "Grease" was a tricky one but they eventually nailed it! One day they decided to plan a show for the class, to raise money for their favourite animal welfare charity. They borrowed African Tribal spears and made costumes with some help from the grown ups. It was fabulous and they raised 10 whole pounds!

As the little girl grew up she continued to dance different styles. At high school she also enjoyed art & design and home

economics. She liked to visit fabric stores, for creative inspiration, and wore pretty lip-gloss and collected every shade of nail varnish imaginable.

At sixteen, continuing new styles of dance her creative talents turned to jewellery - making and selling it at summer fairs for some extra pocket money. She tried out new makeup ideas and did some amazing things with her hair! She really enjoyed developing her own style and becoming her own person. A few years on she took up an office job where she met lots of interesting new people. Her world had suddenly grown to gigantic and she glowed with excitement!! Were there really so many very different people out there? All with their own special and unique stories to tell?! WOW!

At 18... Nothing was more indulgent than wearing a glamorous dress made of luxurious fabric and feeling simply gorgeous and nothing more deeply fulfilling than dancing the night away with old friends whilst making new ones.

Then the music, omg, she didn't just hear the music, she could feel it, with every part of her soul. It was a force, guiding her emotions and expressing her feelings, she could dance to anything, even silence. It

was there within her. It always had been. Then.. one very ordinary day, she became aware of a dance form that sounded different from all of the others and it intrigued her. It was called 'Bellydance'. Beautiful, feminine and fun! She could wear glamorous costumes, ornate jewellery and dazzling makeup. There were elements of gymnastics and it resembled all styles of dance she had ever studied only this offered a freedom she had never felt before. It was sociable and expressive, vibrant and rich, and it made her feel amazing. Bellydance acknow­ ledged the playfulness of her inner child, yet fulfilled her as the sensuous and strong young woman she had become, it embodied everything that it was to be a woman. She experienced a comforting sense of enlightenment and an instinctive understanding of all that had gone before her. It made her feel alive!

Training with many talented dancers the young woman quickly progressed, being invited to dance at Moroccan and Turkish restaurants. Nicknamed 'little doll' and

later 'Bellydancing Barbie', she devel­ oped a hunger to use the skills she possessed to a greater potential, to share her experience. Setting up lessons in workplaces and dancing at birthday ....

.... parties and anniversaries - these all became regular fixtures in her diary. With every lesson and performance she did she taught herself new things and considered how she could improve herself and her skills. At 23, she travelled to lands afar; at times she missed her loved ones but growing in knowledge and strength, she took many different cultures into her heart and met many inspirational people. On return, confident in her abilities, she resumed teaching Bellydance lessons, attending Arabic Dance Haflas, organising Bellydance shows, showcasing her talent and encouraging students and guest dancers to perform.

Now a qualified health & fitness profe­ ssional with a Diploma in Health, Fitness & Exercise, Dance Leadership Award and a plethora of other industry relevant accolades, she performs at all manner of events throughout the UK and abroad and teaches Bellydance courses, workshops and private tutorials to women from all walks of life.

2008 saw her teach some of the local women of Turkey. 2009 saw her establish the website and perform at many high profile events. 2010 saw her undertake a detailed research study into adult motor skill acquisition through the medium of Bellydance. A world first and with groundbreaking results, this is set for publication in a sports science journal during 2011.

Keen to learn more of world culture, crafts, gastronomy and to meet further inspirational people, she promotes the health giving properties of Women's Middle Eastern Dance and its powerful ability to strengthen communities & individuals.

She wears her stage name "Bellydancing Barbie" with pride for the juxtaposition of womanhood, it represents.

Her favourite colours today are red, pink, purple, orange, black and turquoise.

She continues to feel alive.

Her name is Lindsey Marie Silver.

And the rest,
as they say,
is history.

The History Of Bellydance

"Bellydance" also referred to as "Women's Middle Eastern Dance", "Oriental Dance", "Danse Du Ventre", "Raqs Sharqi" and now with many diverse style genres. Bellydance is enchanting in its combining of beauty and depth and it is an evolving artform.

There are many theories on the history and origins of Bellydance and a combination of these is likely. One of the most probable is that it was originally danced by the women of segregated communities and was a source of entertainment and exercise, the bonding of friendships, sharing in the joy of the female form, an honest and pure women's spirituality. There is also evidence to suggest the passing on of dancing skills and muscle strengthening as a preparation for childbirth, at a gathering similar to a hen night or bachelorette party. In Ancient Egypt the servants of wealthy families often entertained, with 'Bellydance' and acrobatic performances, from both men and women alike. There are many Bellydancing countries, each with their own culture and stylised dance. It stands to reason then that the history and origins of their particular Bellydance should vary. This is part of the mystery of the dance that contributes to its popularity throughout the world today. Bellydance is what you want it to be. It's who you are now and it's who you will be in your future. It's for everyone ♥