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Welcome to Bellydancingbarbie ChatThis page is a little hub of Belly Dance information, it’s your community page & Bellydancingbarbie’s blog in one. It’s open to everyone, avid bellydance fans and those who just want to stop by to socialise!

Gain an insight into the world of belly dance, find out about events, discuss hot topics and exchange ideas, chat about health, fitness & handbags! Read through in date order or use the search bar to find specific topics of interest.

Website members have the ability to create a profile, post comments, pictures, videos and private message other members. Members will also receive special discounts and other exciting opportunities along the way.

You can sign up to the RSS feed for notifications of new posts as they go live! Read more…..

Scotland’s Bellydance Studio Turns 1!

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Some footage from our Bellydance Studio’s first year celebration…

PumpkinJam 2014 | FULLY BOOKED

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Fully Booked PumpkinJam Workshop Class

This years PumpkinJam workshop is now FULLYBOOKED – before I even found the time to add it to our news here on the Chat page!

I’ll update here afterwards with some disgusting selfies from the event and let you know how you can go about getting the news first so you don’t miss out on PumpkinJam 2015!

Introducing: Janis!

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janis-Little Egypt-teamJanis joins the Little Egypt team with a wealth of experience in many areas of business & project admin and management.

She’ll be helping us out a few hours a week with some of the day to day operations, admin and merchandising.

Janis started this Monday with an induction and training session.

She said: ”Today gave rise to a sense of true belonging for me as I was warmly welcomed onto the Little Egypt team.  The professional “high quality” ethos of Scotland’s only themed belly dance studio was openly shared, and with honest enthusiasm for the wellbeing of each of the individual users at heart.  I’m delighted to be a part of such an exciting project making such a difference to the wellbeing of fellow women. It will be very exciting to watch the further expansion into Little Egypt’s second year ahead, and I look forward to working with its professional and caring team members.”

Some of you may know Janis as a student within our classes and some of you may know her from within her role as my mother.

I’m delighted to have such a talented, great fun and inspiring lady on board, not least because we began this journey together.

…and I love you goodbye! Xx.

The Little Egypt Team

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When we took on 11c Murieston Lane last April there was just one team member, Lindsey.

From June to October Lindsey was joined by three interns – “Team BDB” – Amy, Lisa & Marysia. They got involved with a range of things like admin, steering projects & offering creative input. It was a very exciting time with indoor picnics and ideas galore!

Then there was one again, Lindsey.

Then in February of this year Tigerlily joined the Little Egypt team sharing her expertise of Tribal Fusion Style Bellydance in regular weekly classes. During term time, Monday nights are always full of awesome! Mysterious music plays and giggles and fun echo though the studio.

We welcomed a new team member this week!!! This lady joins us with a wealth of experience in many fields and is someone whom I cannot wait to work with. Check back to find out who it is!

Scotland’s Bellydance Studio Turns 1!

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We celebrated turning 1 in style, with a first birthday party, complete with cake and old favourites, party bags and hilarious impromptu party games! Not everyone could make it but those who could made it a party to remember! A really fantastic night to mark the occasion. I think someone might have a couple of pictures to share so check back for those.

What an incredible year it’s been!

Little Egypt Bellydance & Holistic Health Studio, Edinburgh, Scotland's Oriental Dance Studio

Here’s a reflective post shared from the Little Egypt Facebook page:

“The passage of time measured by machine is invariable, ridged. The passage of time measured by the human spirit, heart & soul however is something beyond comprehension!

Last October the doors to the UK’s first Bellydance & Holistic Health Studio officially opened.

Since then, over the last twelve months we’ve hosted guest teachers, drummers, specialist workshops, parties and literally hundreds of hours of dance, health & fitness sessions …but it’s not what we do that defines us – it’s WHO does it with us.

We’re a social enterprise with one true aim – fulfilling the potential of people. To connect you to your true self with health and happiness in abundance.

For the year ahead, we have lots of wonderful surprises in store and we hope you’ll be there to share them!

As a mark of our gratitude for your support and custom, without which we would not exist, we’ll be running some special offers and discounted treats so look out for those.

Come visit us, join us in oneness. (Bonus points for wearing a onesie & balancing a birthday cake on your head)

Today, humbly and joyously, WE ARE 1!”

Protected: Mala’ikah Project | Top Secret Christmas Performance

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Bellydancing & Fitness Classes in Edinburgh

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Want to learn to appreciate & love your own body, get fitter & healthier, all whilst making new friends?

Why not join us in Bellydancing or fitness classes at Little Egypt?

Revitalise, energise and relax with us in a supportive, fun loving sisterhood. We have classes for all aims, ages, stages and abilities. Classes are taught by Edinburgh’s most sought after teachers, within the UK’s only specialist bellydance studio!

Next term takes us right through the party season with lots of fun and sparkle in store!

You can book your spaces online on bellydancingbarbie website, over the phone or in person at the studio.

As classes are popular many classes now have very limited spaces remaining for next term and are likely to fully book out as usual. If you’d like to join us, best be quick!

Spaces shown on the website can take a wee while to update so please use them as a guide only. If you’ve already secured your spaces, woohooo, well done you!

Looking forward to dancing with everyone.


Mondays | 6.00-7.00pm
BellyFusion | Modern, stylised, creative style
Best for: Flexibility, strengthening, toning, relaxing
6 classes £43 | ★ 1 space ★
Teacher: Tigerlily
Mondays | 7.15-8.15pm
BellyStretch | shaping a leaner, elegant, more relaxed silhouette
Best for: Flexibility, strengthening, toning, relaxing
6 classes £37 | ★ 2 spaces ★
Teacher: Lindsey
Tuesdays | 4.00-5.00pm | *NEW FITNESS CLASS* at Little Egypt
Pilates Beginners | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: FITNESS, strengthening, toning, flexibility
6 Classes £43 | Waiting list only as the moment
Teacher: Janet | Mat required (can borrow initially)
Tuesdays | 5.00-6.00pm | *NEW FITNESS CLASS* at Little Egypt
Pilates Improvers | More challenging, technique & conditioning
Best for: FITNESS, strengthening, toning, flexibility
6 Classes £43 | Waiting list only as the moment
Teacher: Janet | Mat required
Tuesdays | 7.15-8.15pm
BellyBasics | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility
6 classes £43 | ★ FULLY BOOKED ★
Teacher: Lindsey
Tuesdays | 8.30-9.30pm
BellyDance | Layering, choreographies & improvisation
Best for: Learning, styling, confidence, expression
6 classes £43 | ★ FULLY BOOKED ★
Teacher: Lindsey
Wednesdays | 6.00-7.00pm
BellyBasics | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility
6 Classes £43 | ★ FULLY BOOKED ★
Teacher: Lindsey
Wednesdays | 7.15-8.15pm
BellyDance-A-Long | Dance now, think later!
Best for: Fun, transitions, grace, poise
6 classes £37 | ☆ 3 spaces remaining ☆
Teacher: Lindsey
Wednesdays | 8.30-9.30pm | *FITNESS CLASS* at Little Egypt
Foam Rolling | Group exercise class containing ZERO dance
Best for: Muscle maintenance, flexibility, posture
6 Classes £37 | ★ 2 spaces ★
Teacher: Lindsey | Roller & mat required
Thursdays | 7.15-8.15pm
BellyJam | Energising aerobic bellydance class!
Best for: Fitness, toning, calorie burning, flexibility, energy
6 classes £37 | ★ FULLY BOOKED ★
Teacher: Lindsey
Saturdays | 12.00-2.00pm
The Mala’ikah Project | Amateur class troupe
Best for: Choreographies, community performances, fun
3 month membership £15 | ★ 1 space left ★
Director: Lindsey

Ladies of all ages & abilities are welcome to join us for bellydance fun, fitness and friendship so invite your friends, sister, mum… anyone you think is fabulous!

★★★★★ – Yelp
“She’s a fantastic teacher highly reccommend! Its a great way to meet new people. i have gotten so much out of doing the belly basic course and the improv i can’t speak highly enough. she’s not just a dancer as she’s scientifically studied belly dancing so she’s really good at teaching good posture :) this is the best way to keep fit, socialise, have fun, confidence build and let your hair down after the stress of work!”

Bookings also taken to appear at special occasions, parties and events

Visit the BELLYDANCINGBARBIE website and add some sparkle to your life today…

Exciting times!

Pilates Classes at Little Egypt!

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Pilates Classes at Little Egypt Studio

Pilates Classes with Janet Brunton are coming to Little Egypt Studio!

Janet’s wealth of knowledge, training & experience inform her teaching and her effervescent personality make for an incredible class environment as she helps each individual to achieve their optimum!

An introductory 4 week block of classes runs:
Tuesdays, 18th November to 9th December

Beginners 4pm-5pm
Improvers 5pm-6pm

4 weeks £29 | Limited spaces

Men and women of all ages are welcome. Those who have never tried Pilates or have limited experience will benefit most from the beginners class. Those attending Improvers should have a good base knowledge of the Pilates principals and an ability beyond beginners.

The studio is warm, clean and tranquil providing many luxuries including underfloor heating.

Please wear comfortable stretch clothing and indoor footwear/bare feet. Bring your own thick Pilates exercise mat or order in class. Latex free bands will be provided for use and also available to purchase for your own practice.

Booking is essential as spaces are limited. You can book in person at Little Egypt, 11c Murieston Lane, Edinburgh, over the phone on 07853 197 964 or online at bellydancingbarbie website here:

http://www.bellydancingbarbie.com/shop/belly-dance-attire.php  (As Little Egypt website is currently under construction)

A series of additional materials will also be available for you in the form of handouts and online learning.

We look forward to meeting you for a new adventure!

Protected: The Mala’ikah Project | Ramzy Choreography Notes

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