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Welcome to Bellydancingbarbie ChatThis page is a little hub of Belly Dance information, it’s your community page & Bellydancingbarbie’s blog in one. It’s open to everyone, avid bellydance fans and those who just want to stop by to socialise!

Gain an insight into the world of belly dance, find out about events, discuss hot topics and exchange ideas, chat about health, fitness & handbags! Read through in date order or use the search bar to find specific topics of interest.

Website members have the ability to create a profile, post comments, pictures, videos and private message other members. Members will also receive special discounts and other exciting opportunities along the way.

You can sign up to the RSS feed for notifications of new posts as they go live! Read more…..

Protected: The Mala’ikah Project | Ramzy Choreography Notes

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Little Egypt Studio Edinburgh | Bellydancingbarbie

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Enjoyed creating this improvisational piece after class on Wednesday so thought I’d share it here. Enjoy! ♥︎

You can join a bellydance class at Little Egypt with Bellydancingbarbie or commission a performance here or at your own chosen venue. Visit the “Learn” and “Hire” pages of the website for info and some of the currently available options.

Edinburgh Bellydance Troupe | The Mala’ikah Project

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Edinburgh Bellydance Bellydancing Troupe The Mala'ikah ProjectOur amateur bellydance troupe are reforming and on the look out for new members!

Enjoying the creativity of group choreography, working with a variety of different styles of bellydance, we’ll further develop our own skills and deepen the sisterhood connection of our dance together.

We’ll warm up to performing at bellydance hafla parties and community events, sharing the joy of this enchanting art form with the wider public.

We currently have 9 members, all of differing backgrounds and experience levels, we seek 3 more members to complete our troupe.

This will be a very fulfilling venture for any bellydance enthusiast, at any stage of learning …you should consider joining us!

Troupe practice currently takes place on Saturdays 12-2pm (you can stay for one or both hours)
Troupe membership costs just £15 per quarter year and comes with bonus privileges! (your quarter starts when you do)

To secure one of these 3 remaining troupe membership spaces or for answers to any questions you may have email: info@bellydancingbarbie.com or just drop in on Saturday and sign up!

We have our own troupe Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/TheMalaikahProject

We’d love your support!

Yalla Mala’ikah

Troupe Class | 3 spaces remaining

Yoga Teacher Vacancy at Little Egypt, Edinburgh

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Yoga Teacher EdinburghLittle Egypt Bellydance & Holistic Health Studio have a vacancy for a freelance yoga teacher.

We’re an exclusive private studio who appreciate & reward hardworking talent. We’re open to any style being taught & the studio is perfectly equipped for all including hot yoga styles.

You’ll be offered regular prime slots on our timetable and a variety of payment or hire options to choose from.
If you’d like to deliver the sessions you love in a beautiful environment with a true sense of community, please get in touch sending your CV and a bit about yourself to: info@littleegyptstudio.com

Fabulous Festival Term

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Our festival term of bellydancing classes & events starts soon! Here are some fabulous things you can get involved in…

BELLY QUEST BATTLE! (date to be confirmed)
BellyStretch Vs. BellyJam in a physical fun laser quest outing. This is open to all who have ever been enrolled in BellyStretch and/or BellyJam classes. For full details see the events tab of our public Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/BDBarbie

BDB Girly Get Together (date to be confirmed)
An evening of socialising, foods, drinks & bellydancing!
Full details to follow, check back on Chat page.

Regular Weekly Classes with Bellydancingbarbie and Tribal Tigerlily
Mondays | 6.00-7.00pm | at Little Egypt
BellyFusion | Modern, stylised, creative style
Best for: Flexibility, strengthening, toning, relaxing
4 Classes £29 |  Spaces available 
This class runs 25 August to 15 September & is taught by Tribal Tigerlily
Mondays | 7.15-8.15pm | at Little Egypt
BellyStretch | shaping a leaner, elegant, more relaxed silhouette
Best for: Flexibility, strengthening, toning, relaxing
6 Classes £37 |  FULLY BOOKED 
Tuesdays | 7.15-8.15pm | at Little Egypt
BellyBasics | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility
6 Classes £43 |  Limited spaces remaining 
Tuesdays | 8.30-9.30pm | at Little Egypt
BellyDance | Layering, choreographies & improvisation
Best for: Learning, styling, confidence, expression
6 Classes £43 |  Limited spaces remaining 
Wednesdays | 6.00-7.00pm | at Little Egypt
BellyBasics | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility
6 Classes £43 | FULLY BOOKED
Wednesdays | 7.15-8.15pm | at Little Egypt
BellyDance-A-Long | Dance now, think later!
Best for: Fun, transitions, grace, poise
6 Classes £37 |  Spaces available 
Bookable via the Shop page
Thursdays | 7.15-8.15pm | at Little Egypt
BellyJam | Energising aerobic bellydance class!
Best for: Fitness, toning, calorie burning, flexibility, energy
6 Classes £37 |  FULLY BOOKED 
Saturdays | Morning | at Little Egypt
BellyMummas | Pregnancy bellydancing
Best for: Fun, gentle exercise, easier & calmer birth
Enquire for details
Saturdays | Morning | at Little Egypt
BellyBubbas | Mother & child bellydancing
Best for: Fun, early learning & development, bonding together
Enquire for details

You can secure your spaces in regular summer classes online via the LEARN PAGE
or over the phone on 07853 197 964
NEW Foam Rolling Group Exercise Class with Lindsey
This functional fitness class runs on Wednesdays, 8.30-9.30pm
Ease sore tense muscles, increase flexibility and improve posture in as little as 10 minutes!
Drop-In £7 | You can bring your own roller and mat or order/purchase at Little Egypt
All the details for this class are within a Chat page post below

Performing Class Troupe with The Mala’ikah Project
Troupe class runs Saturdays, 12-2pm. Membership is £15 per quarter year starting when you do.
Enjoying creating, practicing & performing together at a variety of community events & shows.
Being a troupe member will also bring some exclusive troupe privileges!
If you’d like to join or rejoin The Mala’ikah Project contact Lindsey directly, email info@bellydancingbarbie.com.

“Project Happy” Filming with SmallFryUnify
So, this project was pushed back a few weeks but…
Yes, we’re STILL doing one of those HAPPY videos! Sssh though, it’s a secret!
I’m delighted that our neighbours, the SmallFryUnify crew, have taken on the filming and editing of this fun project! With them onboard it will look sensational! Filming will take place on various days throughout our summer term and we’re currently looking for a number of you who’d like to take part in the ‘traveliing to class’ shots. If you’d like to get involved in any aspect of this project, have suggestions or creative ideas please email: info@bellydancingbarbie.com We’d love for it to be a great big vibrant community collaboration! #BDBecauseImHappy

Shiny New Costuming & Classwear
A new range of costuming pieces are now being shipped from the Middle East, The Med & America and will be available to purchase exclusively at Little Egypt as from this term. Additionally, a new bespoke range of custom made items will be available to preorder, including a small line of items by popular request!


Looking forward to a fabulous term of shimmies, wellbeing and fun with friends!


Lindsey Xx.
Bellydancingbarbie &
Little Egypt Bellydance Studio
11c Murieston Lane
EH11 2LX


F Bellydancing Barbie T @BDBarbie

F Little Egypt  T @LittleEgyptUK

Protected: The Mala’ikah Project | Choreography Notes

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Small Businesses & Freelancers Wanted

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Do you work for yourself, have your own business or know someone who does? Are you a freelancer who’s looking for fresh new creative ideas and contacts? Maybe you’ve just completed your qualifications or perhaps you’re developing a hobbyist passion into a viable venture?

Whether just getting up & running, seeking to reach an established audience or looking to inject new life into a project, Little Egypt Bellydance & Holistic Health Studio would like to hear from you.

We’re building a network of local businesses and freelancers across all sectors with a view to working together in cross promotion, future collaborations, events and expansion.

We’d love to hear from businesses of all types and are particularly keen to make acquaintance with those in the leisure industry. Improvement of wellness and the advancement of dance, fitness, entertainment and tech are closest to our heart.

We also have a number of paid vacancies currently available for the right people!

To be added to our directory of service providers get in touch through info@littleegyptstudio.com, speak to Lindsey on 07853 197 964 or pop into the studio for a chat.

Little Egypt ♥︎ Community

Dance, Fitness and Video Games

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I’ve been invited to London again on business. Again dance and tech related!


Previously I’ve taken timeout to perform at an Apple product launch and meeting Philip Schofield. You can read about those HERE This time I’m attending an invite-only Nintendo video gaming event at which I’ll be doing a spot of presenting and various other exciting new things!

WiiU Fit Meter

You may have seen me wearing a little device on my hip over the last year or so. It’s a WiiU Fit Meter and it collects all my shimmy and fitness data, stores them on the device and then I can sync them up to the WiiU Fitness game via the console itself. As someone with a rather specific “sports” usage and the fitness stats of an elite athlete, I’ve been testing the device to ascertain it’s abilities and limitations.

just dance 2015I’ve recently joined the team at SmallFryUnify (our neighbours at Little Egypt) and will be presenting occasionally (in my spare time, lol) on their new live interactive show “Games Lounge”, assuming it receives all the funding it deserves over on community funding platform Kickstarter. On the live Games Lounge show I will share with everyone first hand experiences of new dance, fitness and training games prior to their release …oh and my love of Animal Crossing! Do you know 4 years ago I held the worlds first virtual bellydance workshop & hafla on Animal Crossing??!!!

Anyways… find out more about the SmallFryUnify studio’s Games Lounge project HERE and please consider pledging towards it’s target because not only is it pretty awesome in it’s own right, it also means that over at Little Egypt we can get to work on some great new projects with access to new-fangled tech and equipment!

Whilst my fit meter gadget & I are away at this event I may be unable to answer your enquiries so I’ll pick them up on Monday. Whilst away I shall however, be live tweeting from the event, so you can expect lots of nonsense like “Itsa me Lindsey Mario…” to show up on your Twitter feed!

Stay crazy!


BellyFusion Class with Tribal Tigerlily

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Tribal Fusion creatively combines bellydance with one or more other dance genres whilst some of it’s movements are completely unique! Highly stylised costumery and a good helping of mystery are the cherry-on-top of a truly mesmerising evolving art form.

Tigerlily has just returned from the very prestigious “Tribal Fest” in California with a whole load of new content to share with y’all!!

Her new 4 week term of BellyFusion starts tomorrow and surprisingly there’s still some spaces left!

It’s open to beginners+ and at £29 why not secure your space to join the fun? You can book on the class HERE 

This is one of Tigerlily’s group performances on the Tribal Fest 14 stage. Can you spot her?