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Welcome to Bellydancingbarbie ChatThis page is a little hub of Belly Dance information, it’s your community page & Bellydancingbarbie’s blog in one. It’s open to everyone, avid bellydance fans and those who just want to stop by to socialise!

Gain an insight into the world of belly dance, find out about events, discuss hot topics and exchange ideas, chat about health, fitness & handbags! Read through in date order or use the search bar to find specific topics of interest.

Website members have the ability to create a profile, post comments, pictures, videos and private message other members. Members will also receive special discounts and other exciting opportunities along the way.

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Summer Timetable At Little Egypt Studio

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Little Egypt Bellydance & Holistic Health Studio, Edinburgh, Scotland's Bellydance StudioStep forward into summer with a brand new wholesome adventure in dance, fitness and wellness. Expand your horizons, grow into your depths, open into full bloom and join us in reaching your roots towards more fertile earth and reaching up towards your brightest light.

Enjoy the expansiveness and delight of a 6 week term of classes at Little Egypt, Scotland’s Bellydance School…

Weekly offerings:
• MON | 7.15pm | BellyStretch | Lindsey | LIMITED SPACES
• TUE | 6.00pm | BellyBasics | Lindsey | LIMITED SPACES
• TUE | 7.15pm | BellyDance | Lindsey | Booking is essential
• WED | 6.00pm | Details coming soon
• WED | 7.15pm | Details coming soon
• THU | 6.00pm | BellyJam | Lindsey | Booking is essential
• THU | 7.15pm | Temple Fusion | Roberta | Barocco Tribal**
• FRI | 12.00-4.30pm | Treatments by app | Various therapists
• FRI | 6.00pm | BellyFusion | Tigerlily | Booking is essential
• SAT | Exclusive Workshops | Coming soon
• SUN | Exclusive Workshops | Coming soon

** contact this facilitator directly

General booking is NOW L I V E for Little Egypt weekly classes, exclusive workshops, courses, treatments, talks and demostrations.

Visit our sister website to secure your spaces whilst spaces remain www.LittleEgyptStudio.com


Q: Do I need to book in advance?
A: Our classes have been known to fully book out for whole years at a time! It’s therefore highly recommended that you secure your spaces whilst they remain by booking in advance.

Q: I heard there was Priority Booking, what’s that?
A: Priority booking is an advance period of time which allows our most loyal and dedicated of Little tribe members to rebook. Following this, general booking opens and classes are listed online for booking via our website as well as at the studio in advance and over the phone. There are often just a few spaces remaining at this stage before classes become fully booked so it’s advisable to secure your spaces ASAP!

Q: Can I drop-in to try a class?
A: This might be possible on week 1 of term at £10 per class, however, we can’t guarantee there will be a space left by then so we do recommend block booking or reserving a drop-in space with a Class Pass.


Looking forward to welcoming you to Little Egypt Studio!

*NEW* Coming Summer 2017… “LEA”

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With Scotland’s official Middle Eastern dance school, Little Egypt Studio, entering into it’s 4th year this year! (Yes, really?!) and today being Aries New Moon with Venus in retrograde, just before Mercury goes retrograde let me share with you this…

Now, first of all, let me just say that if you haven’t been actively involved in things like classes or performances lately and you’ve only been checking here and on social media for updates, you could be forgiven for thinking that Bellydancingbarbie and Little Egypt Studio had all but retired and shut up shop… granted we have been rather quiet in our online presence of recent years but only for VERY GOOD REASON!..

You see, in actual fact (and if you’ve kept yourself actively involved in classes, workshops and activities in person you will be 100% well aware that) things for BELLYDANCINGBARBIE & LITTLE EGYPT STUDIO ARE ABOUT TO SKY ROCKET!!!


Here is one reason…

Little Egypt Bellydancing Academy Edinburgh

Little Egypt Studio is opening an education wing!

Little Egypt Academy launches summer 2017. Offering nationally recognised qualifications. Providing Scotland’s most dedicated dance, fitness and wellness enthusiasts with healthy progressive challenges, self care investments and real world career development opportunities.

Did you secure your priority status yet to receive updates of the launch party? Ask me how and ask me now, before the wonders of mercury are upon us!

New Moon Blessings

Lindsey Marié Silver

Bellydancingbarbie & Little Egypt Studio

Winter Offerings at Little Egypt Studio

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This October to December at Little Egypt Studio sees a deliciously rich variety of dance, fitness, wellness and lifestyle offerings including, of course, Bellydancing!
7.15 BellyStretch (Lindsey) 1 SPACE

6.00 Lotuslily Yoga (Private Hire)
7.15 BellyBasics (Lindsey) FULLY BOOKED
8.30 BellyDance (Lindsey)
(Kohara class is currently on hold. Ask for info)

6.00 BellyDance-A-Long (Lindsey)
7.15 Kristin Loeer Pilates (Private Hire)
(Bollywood class is currently on hold. Ask for info)

6.00 BellyJam (Lindsey) LIMITED SPACES
7.15 Karma Yoga Edinburgh (Private Hire)

11.30 Lunch club (Lindsey)
6.00 BellyFusion (Tigerlily)

Specialist workshops

Specialist workshops

Remedial massage by appointment
Sports Massage by appointment
Physiotherapy by arrangement
Facials by appointment
Reiki by arrangement

Sacred Cacao & Massage Afternoon Andra Dobrescu & Hayley Reid (Private Hire)
Woman’s Circle Karo Tashi (Private Hire)
Little Egypt tribe festive night OUT
Little Egypt tribe festive night IN!
Small Business Sat – Studio Open Day
Pamper Party & Shopping night
***January hafla party night!***

Spaces are limited and bookings are being taken now. Secure your winter wonderment at www.LittleEgyptStudio.com
(For Private Hire sessions contact facilitator directly)

• Our souk shop is stocked with fair trade organic gifts & goodies.
• Neal’s Yard Remedies are in supply.
• Professional Bellydance entertainment artistry is bookable for your events.
• The studio itself may be bookable for your own special occasions, classes and workshops
• Gift vouchers are available for all Little Egypt products & services.

and much much more…

Introducing… Marj!

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Due to the increasing popularity of our darling Little Egypt Studio, recruitment has just taken place for a freelance Studio Assistant. This person joins the team for initially 3 hours per week with a view to extension, assisting in a number of ongoing tasks with a specialism in Administration. That person, I’m delighted to announce is…


“About this time last year I was trying to readjust back to everyday life after a sensational month dancing in ‘A Bollywood Love Story’ on the esplanade at Edinburgh Castle, as part of the Military Tattoo, and performing at Leith Links in the Edinburgh Mela. This unforgettable and wonderful experience came about because of Little Egypt and I’m delighted that a year later I’m about to embark on another part of my Little Egypt journey.

I’ve known Lindsey for more years than either of us care to remember and I’ve been a regular at BellyJam classes right from the beginning. I’ve seen Little Egypt being created and am delighted to be part of the special community of wonderful people it has grown into today. I’m absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to be professionally involved with Little Egypt and I look forward to bringing my admin skills to the studio, as well as my shimmies. I believe it’s going to be a great time for growth for both me and the Little Egypt tribe.

Aiwaaaaaa! To the moooooooon!



The Little Egypt Team; Sejal (Freelance Teacher), Amanda (Freelance Teacher), Hazel (Freelance Teacher), Julia (Freelance Teacher), Janis (freelance Administration), Lindsey (Managing Director) and all of our guest teachers, facilitators and collaborators welcome you on board this beautiful Little rocket ship to the sunny side of the moon!

Quick Catch Up Chat With Gorgeous You!

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Hi everyone,

It seems we have a lot of catching up to do! (and I mean a LOT!) I’ll keep it brief for now since at time of writing you it’s already gone midnight but I just wanted to reach out, RIGHT NOW, hold your hands and say a shiny happy hello GORGEOUS to YOU!

Things have grown so much for us in this past year or two! I say “us” in full knowledge that you may not yet even be aware of what growth I refer to. If that’s you, just know that we’ve got you and the universe’s got us – supported, held. I believe this to be true for one very simple reason: Over the last year I have released everything to the wind and been rewarded threefold in many, often indescribable, ways. We’re talking real epiphany moments here! I can’t even begin to explain how deeply things are aligning right now and how alive that makes me feel for both myself individually and for us collectively – our sisterhood and community. “What is she on about?” I hear your eyes squeak as they roll. Humour me, if you will, let me explain for you in the coming days, weeks, months, years…

I’ve been on this wonderful journey with literally thousands of you by now, for over a decade. Paths joining and rejoining and at whatever moment our paths converge, whatever energy exchange and time we share, for me, it’s never a moment too soon!

Our most exciting journey to date, everyone, is starting NOW. How do I know this? Well, because I’m currently creating the path for us to travel. I’m designing our future. Setting our intentions to help manifest our dreams. There are a few spaces currently remaining on our little rocketship blasting off very soon!

However you show up today let that be as valid a state as any other, equal in value and just know that if you seek more from your human experience there are opportunities for you right here.

Let life be the dancer and simply become the dance.

With every part of my being,

Lindsey Marie Silver

Putting the healthy in dance competition.

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imageHey friends,

If you know me you’ll know I don’t take Bellydance to a place of competition, in fact, I take it to a place of all welcoming, fully accepting, non-judgemental sisterhood. This is my own personal stance.

There is however room in my stance and in my heart for women who wish to prove something *to themselves* to do more, be more and experience more than they even did before, for themselves. On that front I am there to support them every single step of the way.

I support personal development and community growth so today I’m judging the Miss Fabulous Bellydance Competition.
(Though I prefer the term “professionally critiquing”)

Heres the event page on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/542752945904973/?ti=icl

I hope to see you there. ✨

Bellydancingbarbie, Little Egypt & Pineapple Dance Studios

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Juicy BIG things for Little Egypt!

Friends, something very exciting is about to happen at Little Egypt!

This July Lindsey will make the dancers pilgrimage to London’s world famous Pineapple Dance Studios to undertake some professional training. “To train at Pineapple Dance Studios is considered a right of passage and given that many dancers can only dream of these things, WOW, I’m humbled to be invited!”  A real testament to Lindsey’s professional ability and something she looks forward to with great joy!

But what is the training she’s undertaking? Why? Who will benefit?

Well, all we can say for now is that this is BIG juicy positivity for the whole dance scene in Scotland!!! Stay active to find out before the rest of Scotland!

Something Exciting Is About To Happen!

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Friends, something RIDICULOUSLY EXCITING is about to finally happen!!! Something several years in the making and something outreaching and positive for all involved.
Whilst I can’t tell you what it is just yet (if you’re a regular at Little Egypt you will likely find out first) but for now just know that I’m about to burst with excitement for us!!!

Protected: BellyFusion: Sitar In Fes Tuition Aid 2

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