Belly Dancing in 2013

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on January 13th, 2013

belly dancing classes in edinburgh city centre

2012 was a tremendous year for us BDB girls! We shared many, many moments of bellydance fun, fitness & friendship and I’m delighted to say that our belly dancing in 2013 is going to be even more fabulous!

I know this to be the case based on a few things:

Firstly, my transition into this year.. My first belly dancer hire gig of 2013 was only 15mins into the year! Booked at 11.20pm on new years eve for a performance at 12.15am. I could have just turned it down and carried on with my planned evening at Edinburgh Castle. I didn’t of course, these were repeat clients, I’d performed at their Come Dine With Me evening a while back and they’re a particularly lovely couple. I’d met Turkish girl, Rose, at Stevenson College as few years previously and knowing the cultural significance of a Bellydancer bringing good luck, how could I turn them down? It would be an honour! So I grabbed my kit, jumped in a taxi and arrived on the other side of town at 11.55pm. I caught a glimpse of fireworks on Portobello beach before heading indoors to prep. I gave a fabulous and sparkling performance set for the audience which was made up of their family and friends. I danced a little longer since it was literally new year and well, why not! Everyone enjoyed participating and the clapping & cheering reached a crescendo for my final performance piece. I was dancing very well, even by my own self critical standards and then, for the first time in my career, the clasp on my bra BURST OPEN and I swiftly grabbed hold of my modesty! Very successfully and unbelievably gracefully! Even I was impressed! 2013 -“unlucky for some” I thought but not for me, I was wearing “the ladybird of good luck” No, this could mean only one thing… Belly Dancing in 2013 was going to be crazy, wild and fabulous!!

Secondly, vision. I have a clear vision for our future, as both a dance school and an empowering women’s group and I know exactly what it’ll take to realise that vision. If you’ve been with Bellydancingbarbie for a while now you’ll understand that we share something unique, more than just a dance class. We have a positive mindset, a lifestyle and a way of being. It’s difficult to pin down in words, even for me but I know it’s something that has the potential to make a very real, positive impact in people’s lives. It already has. Just as it did for women thousands of years ago. Yes, there have been times in the past when I’ve spent my savings to cover costs of low attended classes, times I’ve worked 24hrs straight on content, admin, advertising, book keeping, buying, customer service etc etc and even now I rarely take a day off. I have no payday, no luxury of sick days and I claim no grants or assistance from the government. This is a one woman social enterprise business, what I have is passion, love, purpose and vision. I’m on a mission. I found my calling, or rather it found me! I didn’t choose my stage name, it chose me! Behind the pretty pink chiffon and sparkling gem stones, Bellydancingbarbie has an ambitious vision.

“Your aim should not be to live forever, your aim should be to create something which does”

Thirdly, things like these; Bellydancingbarbie has been nominated for an award, I’m organising us fresh new events and researching new projects. There are more high profile gigs in the pipeline. Our class troupe will be performing at lots of community events. I’m continually working to create new opportunities. If there’s something you’d like to see us BDB girls do this year, let me know, I’ll set my heart on it for you and together we can make it happen.

…finally, I know this will be an even more fabulous year for us because I’m launching 3 new concept classes. BellyMummas, BellyBubbas and BellyStretch.

2013  - Let’s fill the new year with fabulousness!

ps. Towera, I had to photoshop your cardigan a little bit to fit these 2 pics together, hope you don’t mind! Also, I thought of you on new years, ha! :D

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