Meet The BDB Team | Introducing …Lindsey!

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on July 12th, 2013

The fourth member of the Bellydancingbarbie team is me, Lindsey!

You may know me from such programmes as Taggart, Rebus & River City… (just kidding, that’s Shaun’s opening line!)  Seriously though, you probably know me already but for anyone who doesn’t know me so well, hey, I’m Lindsey! I’ve been bellydancing now for somewhere over the rainbow between 10 and 13 years. I’m unsure as to whether bellydance devoured me or if I devoured bellydance, either way it was delicious and has continued to be the single most positive thing I feel anyone can do for themselves.

In the olden days I used to work within the Scottish crown courts system, I had a “good job” Well, let me tell you, as a left-handed  leo, born the year of the rooster, I needed something more creative in my life! I discovered Bellydance, met someone who showed me adventure and I travelled round the world. On my return I worked for a youth charity whilst training my mum to be in the best possible health for a major challenge she then faced. All the while I was bellydancing. Family asked for demos, friends asked to be shown some moves, they told their friends and soon I held sessions for women’s groups and danced in restaurants. I then put myself through several years of health, fitness and exercise education in persuit of excellence. It was during this time that I conducted the world’s first research study into Bellydance and motor skill acquisition which some of you ladies actually took part in! :) I emerged from my studies a sought after fitness and dance professional,  managing the gym at Edinburgh College, teaching bellydance at Heriot Watt University and performing at many high profile events.

Being me has led to many adventures, for example, a few years back I baffled medial scientists at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and this bizarrely led to eating dinner across the table from Stephen Hawking (long story!)

What else? I have an irrational dislike of napkins. Just the paper ones, others are fine. I have this thing for Evan Davis, the economist presenter, it’s not really a “thing” it’s just a thing. He is so lovely!

You may know me as “Lindsey, Linders, Linderella, Liny, Liny Bin, Binny Bops, Dolly, Dollface, Little Doll, Barbie, Bellydancingbarbie, BDB” ..although I have also been referred to by friends as “An Entrepreneurial Wizard” and my personal favourite “The World’s Smallest Big Shot” :D :D :D  Lol.

Today bellydance is my life. My passion, my full time career. It is my whole heart & soul and the moon & the stars. What I do today is make it my job to share that powerful enlightened energy with the world, fresh and optimistic, as the day I discovered it.


So there you have it, the BDB team: Amy, Marysia, Lisa and Lindsey.

…but wait! There’s something missing here, there’s one more introduction still to come…

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