Notes & Quotes

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on May 10th, 2009

We all love quotes, mantras and random facts!!

This topic will be dedicated to these, both bellydance and non-bellydance related. Some of them will inspire you, some might make you ponder and contemplate life and some might just be nonsense and make you crack-up!!

If you know any you’d like to share, good, bad or ugly, please post them in a comment here.  (If quoting please state who you are quoting unless of course you’re unsure in which case use Unknown or Anon)

Quotes on the site will be updated from time to time and yours might even end up on one of the main pages!!

I’ll start off with a random bellydance fact:

Did you know that ancient Egyptian dancers were given cone shaped pieces of lard that had been soaked in jasmine perfume – to wear on their heads! These then melted into their hair and scented the room beautifully!

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