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Christiane’s Bellydance Birthday Party!

December 29th, 2012

Enjoyed a fabulous time with Christiane & friends this Friday evening celebrating her birthday with a 2 hour bellydance birthday party!Bellydancing Birthday Party Lindsey Marie Silver

The evening included performances, a traditional celebratory circle dance, a lesson breaking down lots of moves, insightful discussion, some veilwork to try and photos with everyone at the end…Bellydance Birthday Party

I’d made a table reservation at Hanam’s on behalf of the group for afterwards and they left the studio with wide beaming smiles to enjoy some delicious middle eastern food!

Here are some of the messages they left in my guest book:

“Great fun and really enjoyable. Appreciate much more all that is “bellydancing” Thanks for the party Chris! Eileen x”

“I’ll add bellydancing to my New Year’s Resolution! Thank you for a fabulous evening – just hope I can remember the moves! Ann X”

“Thank you Lindsey, what a fantastic birthday party?! Wonderfully liberating and such fun for our stiffish bodies to loosen up and tone up. Fab! Christiane X”

“Totally wonderful and fun! Thank you so much ~ you are brilliant! Carol X”

and here’s my message:


The Health Benefits of Belly Dance

December 21st, 2012

The Health Benefits of Belly Dance are vast. Through my own research and testing here are my findings to date:

Physical Benefits of BellyDancePhysical Benefits

Increased and improved:

Stability of core muscles


Heart and lung fitness


Muscular Endurance

Body shape

Toning of muscles

Weight loss potential

Performance of all body systems

Good posture

Bone strength

Pelvic floor strength

Prenatal and postnatal health

Removal of toxins

Recovery from injury/illness

Joint health through synovial fluid production

Water regulation within the body

Natural management of period pain


Skill Benefits

Increased and improved:



Control of movement

Body awareness

Rhythm and listening



Intellectual Benefits

Increased and improved:

Anatomical and physiological knowledge

Cultural awareness

Concentration and focus

Respect for diversity


Psychological Benefits

Increased and improved:


Stronger sense of self/identity

Psychological-Social-Emotional-Benefits-of-BellyDanceStress reduction


Social Benefits

Increased and improved:

Social circles

Group cooperation

Personality development within a group

Discovery of female spirituality


Emotional Benefits

Increased and improved:

Self esteem

Fun and invigoration

Calming and relaxation

Prenatal and postnatal health

Management of premenstrual tension

General happiness


See the View page to read an article the Edinburgh Evening News wrote about one of my research studies. The findings of this one were phenomenal and I’ll also be sharing that very valuable data with you soon…

…in the meantime, should you need any other reason to continue or take up Belly Dancing for the first time just ask some of the ladies who’ve danced for years, they’ll tell you why they love it!


©Lindsey Marie Silver
If you wish to use any of this information please  credit  & link . Use is otherwise prohibited.

Happy Birthday Anaysa!

December 2nd, 2012

Princess Jasmine Bellydance Party

Had a fabulous time today dancing at Anaysa’s Princess Jasmine Party!

It was so much fun meeting everyone and we had such a great time celebrating her 6th birthday together.

I especially enjoyed showing all the girls how to dance with a veil and of course, we all really loved the spinning and turning moves! One of my favourite parts of the party was chatting with Anaysa afterwards. That’s when we had these pictures taken…



Princess Jasmine Children's Party




Tsiftetelli, çiftetelli & chiftetelli

November 30th, 2012

The names Tsiftetelli, çiftetelli and chiftetelli can all refer to the same rhythm. Translated from Turkish Çiftetelli means “double stringed” which may be derived from the accompaniment of a 2 stringed instrument, strings being tuned an octave apart. Traditionally the rhythm is characterised by a pattern of 2/4, long drawn-out beats often left unfilled but more increasingly filled with a flourish.


The Chiftetelli was originally a deeply sorrowful rhythm but has shifted in more recent years to express joy and a modern pop style Chiftetelli is growing in popularity in Turkey and Greece.

This rhythm has an interesting relationship in the history of both Turkey & Greece and indeed throughout the whole Ottoman Empire.

In Greece today Bellydance is often referred to by the word Tsifteteli and Greek Bellydance also takes some influence from the lively Turkish folk dance called Ciftetelli. This refers to the dance and not the rhythm. Modern Greek Tsifteteli (Bellydance) uses 3 different rhythms – Maqsoum 4/4, Ayoup 2/4 and Taksim 8/4 and in Greece, just as in the UK and US, Turkish and Egyptian bellydance is also taught, to either the corresponding music or to the ancient chiftitelli rhythm…

…There are also referencing crossed wires for musicians. Some drummers call the ciftitelli rhythm taaqasiim because it’s sometimes played as a base for an improvisational melody and this sounds like the Arabic word taqsim which means split and often refers to a maqsoum which is a different rhythm.

So you can see where the confusion comes in for people! These rhythms and dances weren’t recorded for preservation until very recently, instead they were passed on simply through observance, play and practice which of course then leads to the merging and crossover of description…

..but what’s in a name? What matters is what something is, not what it’s called. What’s really important is that we continue to observe, drum & dance!

We’ve been enjoying studying this rhythm in BellyDance class, looking at its history and origins, accompanying bellydance style and the specific moves used in Greek Bellydancing…

Next term we’ll be creating choreography sequences to the Çiftetelli before leaving ancient styling and moving bang up to date to take a closer look at a very modern style… Tribal Fusion Bellydance!

To join us in BellyDance class next term book your space  HERE

“If you can dream it… you can be it”

November 28th, 2012

Bellydancingbarbie at Harvey Nichols

November 19th, 2012

Twenty minutes before my arranged arrival at the back door of this exclusive department store I had a phone call from the Harvey Nichols marketing manager to say I had a large crowd anticipating my arrival and with that I knew it was going to be an awesome gig…

I arrived incognito and gave the codeword to reception before being shown round. There were some lovely things back there including a staircase lined with gorgeous black and white photographs. Each and every member of staff. Like a family. A tribe. If you know me at all, you’ll know how much I liked this! I was treated to some fabulous hospitality and shown into one of the executives offices to change into costume. It was swelteringly hot in there so I didn’t need much of a warmup. I stood behind a security door, giving the signal that I was ready, my music began, the door swung open and there I was entertaining in the main mall of Harvey Nichols…

My appearance there drew a diverse crowd and as you can imagine a pretty big one at that! I danced entirely improvisation, my preference as ever in my solo performances. I work with the energy in the room, as the energy flows and shifts, so too does the dancing. The audience become one with the performance and a rapport is often felt.

I love nothing more than sharing the joy of bellydancing! I especially enjoy challenging stereotypes and awakening new ideas in a largely mainstream audience.

…Afterwards I was shopping for some lovely new Mac makeup. The girls at the counter were chatting with their clients very enthusiastically about “how amazing the bellydancer was” Being back in my civilian clothing, I just nodded in agreement “yeah”

That’s when you know you’ve fulfilled your role as a Professional Bellydancer!

Thoroughly enjoyed performing in Harvey Nichols, definitely on a par with performing at the Apple Store in Covent Garden!

Where next? Who knows!..

A Handful Of Previous Shimmies

October 7th, 2012


Bellydancingbarbie Previous Client Logos

Live Bellydance Hangouts

June 17th, 2012

So, you might have heard me mentioning the words “Google+” “YouTube” “live on air” and “Bellydance Hangouts” in the same sentence lately. You might have thought “I have no idea what you’re talking about but it sounds really exciting!” and you’d be right, it’s very exciting! So what is it then?…

Well, let’s start with Google+ since not everyone has ventured there yet. Google+ is google’s answer to Facebook only with some extra high tech awesomeness thrown in! The good part is you don’t need to be a “techy” to enjoy it! I had a head start on most people with Google+ as I was there from the beta testing stages. Set up my pages, reset up once they made changes, the lot! Once you get over the usual “where am I and how do you drive this thing?” disorientation you’ll find it has many of the elements made familiar by Facebook, twitter and pinterest. So what can Google+ do for us Bellydancers that Facebook and Twitter can’t?…

We can “hangout” together! Google+ Hangouts are live virtual gatherings of people, like a conference call, chat room or Apple’s FaceTime. They utilise webcams and microphones – you on your computer, me on mine. If we add each other to our own Bellydance social circle we can interact on a much more real level. Instead of me typing this and you reading it, we’ll hangout and have a proper conversation! Now think about what that’s gonna do for us as a growing tribe of dancers, a community and as individuals… You’ll be able to ask me about the technique of specific moves, which muscles should you be engaging? how can you improve elements of your dance? are you doing something correctly? which are the best classes for you? and what are the fitness benefits? We can develop creative ideas, talk about our newly formed troupe and upcoming events. We can chat about the cultural side of the dance, learn some Arabic words together. We can host middle eastern “cook & follow” nights, costume sewing nights… all sorts of social events! Our friends who now live in the US, Iran, Turkey, Spain, France – all over the world, can rejoin us! Goodtimes!

There are settings for both public and private hangouts. In my first public hangout I had 193 people tune in to join me and we played games switching “props” In our first private, by invitation only hangout, there were 3 of us. Three of us who knew each other and had heaps of fun trying things out and chatting about how cool this was gonna be for us all and how it could really be a useful tool in adding value and fun for the group outside of class! There are also settings to customise if everyone can see each other and hear each other. I’ll ask your preferences at the start of each hangout. To join a private hangout first you must add “Bellydancingbarbie” to a circle you’ve created within your Google+ profile. I’ll then add you back. On the day of the planned hangout log into your Google+ and when setting up the hangout I’ll invite you to join in (it’ll pop up on your screen saying “Bellydancingbarbie has invited you to Hangout”) Private hangouts require you to be there from the start. Public hangouts allow anyone to drop-in and out at any time. We’ll use the private, invitation only, hangouts for our actual Bellydance Hangouts and the public ones very occasionally just for silly fun with the general public who’ll no doubt ask the usual questions us bellydancers are asked, you know the questions! :D Private Hangouts can also be streamed live “On Air” on YouTube, they appear as a video which is automatically uploaded, search the same title as the hangout to find it. People can watch the hangout live on YouTube but not interact. They can only leave comments, as with a regular YouTube video. This might provide a window into what hangouts are like and other friends might join us for the next hangout on Google+ after seeing it on YouTube. There’s lots of other new technology us bellydancers can utilise too, more on those later…

Now, go to the Google+ icon at the top of this page. Take a few minutes to create your profile, create a Bellydance circle and add “Bellydancingbarbie” to that circle. I’ll add you back and chat to you on there…

These, ladies, are very exciting times!

Btw, these aren’t the first virtual bellydance events BDB has held. Two years ago I held a virtual Bellydance Hafla on the Animal Crossing game for the Wii!!! Complete with workshop, souk stall and open floor disco. We had a treasure hunt instead of a raffle and everyone was asked to come with empty pockets so they could take home different fruit, bury it and grow another type of fruit tree in their own town. Hahaha, it was so much fun! :)

…What can I say, I’m a left handed Leo born the year of the Rooster! ;)

See you at the next Bellydance Hangout:

WEDNESDAY | 9.30-10pm GMT | on Google+

Hen Party Classes & Workshops

January 30th, 2012

Belly Dance Hen Parties are one of my favourite hire event bookings to deliver. I’ve delivered *many* and each has a unique magical energy as everyone’s excited to be there taking in a new experience and I’m ecstatic to be able to share some of the beauty of Middle Eastern Dance. A Bellydancing activity is also befitting of a Hen Party as the dance holds strong roots in this form of celebration.

A BellyDance Hen Party usually costs £200 and takes the form of a 2 hour workshop including:

  • Costumes to try & performances to enjoy watching
  • a chat about the origins of BellyDance & it’s health benefits
  • a full class breaking down the technique of lots of the basic moves
  • a catchy choreography routine you can dance in the club together later
  • an ancient circle dance to honour & bless the bride-to-be in her new future
  • A choice of either a bottle of bubbly or a music CD to keep the party going afterwards

Either I travel to the groups chosen venue or I hire a central dance studio and they come to me.

I consider it a huge honour to bring such special memories to bond friends together and to help celebrate such a momentous occasion for the bride-to-be. If there are any special requests of the group (and there had been a few!) I’ve seen me work into the small hours to ensure these are catered to.