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Summer Shimmies Hafla, Dundee

June 26th, 2009

I’ve just been informed of this event taking place next Friday, 3rd July, in Dexters, 24 Castle Street, Dundee. From 7pm onwards there will be performances, a yummy buffet and a bazaar. Entry is £10.

For more details email or you could perhaps contact the venue directly!

Should be a great night!

That’s refreshing!

June 15th, 2009

When you visit the site please refresh your browser from time to time as your computer may automatically revert back to the version it saved on your last visit. By doing this you’ll be sure to see the most up to date version.  To do this just click the ‘refresh’ button along the top of your screen. Simples.

Look at what I have made!!!

June 7th, 2009


If you have a project on the go post us details of how it’s going! Or maybe ask the group advice on something.  I could have done with this last year when attaching some gold lame to a bra top which worked fantastic and looked amazing, until the glue i’d used reacted with the metallic coated lame and it wound up looking tarnished hahaha hilarious!


June 7th, 2009

Whether making something from scratch or customising something you already own, you can find all sorts of fabrics and all sorts of trimmings to match. You can really go crazy and create your own look, so if you have time to get creative here are some excellent fabric and finishing stores in Edinburgh: Read more »

Do women exercise differently to men?

June 5th, 2009


Read more »

Change of New Term Beginners Dates

June 2nd, 2009

Hey all,

Please note the next term of Beginners at Aditi will now run from 11 July to 29 August and not the previously notified 4 July to 22 August. This fits in better with the timetabling of other beginner courses at the Centre.

Hope to see you all then, if not before! :)

Best wishes,

Lindsey Xx.

Fancy a trip to Athens??

May 31st, 2009


If you happen to be in Athens in September or would like a good excuse then here you go… Check out the flyer details below, sounds excellent! Read more »

Nic’s Belly Dancing Hen Party

May 30th, 2009


What a fun time we had on Wednesday celebrating Nic’s Hen Party with a belly dancing lesson! Read more »

Protected: New Term at Aditi

May 30th, 2009

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