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Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on October 16th, 2009


I hope you’re all having heaps of fun and are all quite busy being fantastical women. I have had a particularly busy few days of college assessments, teaching bellydance here and there, choosing photographs from recent shoot, personal training a lovely client with challenging exercises and applying for a dance leadership course (fingers crossed) Exiting times indeed! :)

I mentioned to a few of you who know me quite well of the troubles I’ve been having with my ears and thank you for your support and well wishes. Here’s that little post I promised.

…Well… ears have shown a marked improvement since self diagnosis of something called Menieres Disease and prescribing myself a cocktail of drugs and herbal remedies (so toes crossed too!). Basically, my theory is: Menieres Disease, (presently without full-blown vertigo and much more actual ear/temporary hearing loss symptoms), brought on as my bodies response to histamine in the bloodstream, histamine in the bloodstream as a response to cortisol and adrenaline in the bloodstream, which has been brought on by stress from varying sources – adrenaline and histamine work together to balance each other. Histamine also aids water balance within the body and will cause the body to produce more mucous when it perceives dehydration has occurred. This mucous could then blocks the eustachian tube in the ear compounding the symptoms of Menieres. I am certain of histamine in the system due to the appearance of a single Urticaria (hive) at the side of my face, again the bodies allergy response. So basically I’m allergic to stress! Adrenaline also hinders the bodies absorption of B vitamins including B6 which is responsible for the pigmentation and structure of hair and explains the sudden appearance of, would you believe it, grey hairs! and the sudden disappearance of all of my eyelashes! This is of course all just a theory I have and is tricky to prove to a doctor with a traditional text book approach. In the meantime, antihistamines, adrenaline and cortisol are naturally returning to normal levels due to consciously reducing stress, a B vitamin supplement and plenty of green leafy veggies, eyelashes are growing back, ears etc feeling better already and with regards to the greys.. I’d be wise just to leave them!

I intend to make a full and quite frankly ridiculous recovery!énière%27s_disease

This all seems very self indulgent, however, I feel it’s important to share our experiences in life and learn from each other. If you guys have had any health experiences you’d like to share please leave your comment below.

Stay healthy,

Love always,

Lindsey ♥x♥x

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