Springtime Term!!! :)

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on February 27th, 2011

Belly Dance Flyer - FrontLadies,

The studio is booked, the sessions are planned & springtime term is now OPEN FOR BOOKING!!!

There’ve been lots of new enquires for classes recently and even more of you ladies are keen to rebook, so we can expect to have another term full of new friends, new fun &  bags of explosive springtime energy!

You know, I enjoy all times of year, especially spring and summer time, it’s all about natural growth isn’t it!

Can’t wait for the growing brightness of people, sunlight, flowers, birds singing songs, easter bunnies, lush green trees, enjoying lying on grass, practicing dance in the meadows, walking along the shore looking outwards, eating ice cream and trying not to drip it on your open toe sandals! Relaxing in favourite haunts, festivals with dancing, picnics in new places with yummy sandwiches & strawberries, long days & nights spent with friends… Wow girls, springtime this year’s gonna be massive!!

Spring term starts in just 4 weeks, pop over to the Learn page to prebook your spring term spaces/get your class pass now…



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