Working hard at dancing light..

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on April 12th, 2011

So it’s one of the busiest times of year for me, people want to get out into the world, to celebrate and live new experiences, heck even nature dances during spring and summer, it’s awesome!

This year is the busiest yet, lots of hen parties, wedding reception shows and private workshops to organise. Also got a lot of requests for performances & prizes at charity events which I am delighted to be able to donate to right now. I’m writing some new sessions for our classes together and firming up some exciting dates for your diaries, watch this space!

Being a Bellydancer is glamorous but it can also a lot of hard work. People don’t see me sitting up til 6am working on the content of classes, the wording of things, making each 8 class pass by hand, packaging things up, dealing with paperwork, wheeling my heavy suitcase & carrying boxes, learning and developing skills and ideas. It’s that thing, if you wanna do something right you’ll put hours and hours into it to produce the best that you possibly can at that time. Watch a swan swimming, it’s beautiful but it’s not effortless, it’s wee leggers are going ten to the dozen under that water, when you realise that it makes it all the more impressive!

..I noticed the other day that this page is visited everyday by quite frankly a ridiculous number of people, I’m very humbled, thank you!! I’ll start to post regularly again, I promise, so if you’re visiting from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Brighton, Manchester, London, Toronto, Florida, Los Angeles, Perth, Sydney, Bombay, Berlin, Oslo, Istanbul,  Madrid, Moscow, Egypt or anywhere else in between please be assured, if it looks quiet around here right now that’s because it’s about to become a whole lot busier!

Keep dancing,


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