Belly Dance Charity Hafla

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on January 1st, 2011

Belly Dance Charity Halfa - Bellydancingbarbie Chat“Hafla” is the English transliteration of the Arabic word for “party”

It’s written in Arabic like this: حفله

Here in Scotland we have a history of great Hafla organisers and goers, highlighting a really diverse and thriving bellydance community.

The huge popularity of TV talent contests like Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol etc in recent years has, I think, undoubtedly added a larger showmanship edge to the dynamics of the Belly Dance Hafla, this is great as it keeps things moving forward, as any live artform worth a shimmy should! In a more traditional sense a Belly Dance Hafla carries a vibe similar to a good old Scottish Ceilidh or as a reference point, that scene in Titanic where Rose joins the wild party below deck and really lets her hair down! There’s a give & take between party goers and performers, everyone is, in themselves, an inherent part of the evening, every clap, cheer, zaghareet and serpentine hiss adds some sparkle to the event.

Here’s to progressing art and honouring tradition in 2011!

Tickets for the Hafla are available in the shop and here is the Facebook event Belly Dance Party – “Just Because It’s 2011!”

Hope you can make it!

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