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Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on June 26th, 2014

I’ve been invited to London again on business. Again dance and tech related!


Previously I’ve taken timeout to perform at an Apple product launch and meeting Philip Schofield. You can read about those HERE This time I’m attending an invite-only Nintendo video gaming event at which I’ll be doing a spot of presenting and various other exciting new things!

WiiU Fit Meter

You may have seen me wearing a little device on my hip over the last year or so. It’s a WiiU Fit Meter and it collects all my shimmy and fitness data, stores them on the device and then I can sync them up to the WiiU Fitness game via the console itself. As someone with a rather specific “sports” usage and the fitness stats of an elite athlete, I’ve been testing the device to ascertain it’s abilities and limitations.

just dance 2015I’ve recently joined the team at SmallFryUnify (our neighbours at Little Egypt) and will be presenting occasionally (in my spare time, lol) on their new live interactive show “Games Lounge”, assuming it receives all the funding it deserves over on community funding platform Kickstarter. On the live Games Lounge show I will share with everyone first hand experiences of new dance, fitness and training games prior to their release …oh and my love of Animal Crossing! Do you know 4 years ago I held the worlds first virtual bellydance workshop & hafla on Animal Crossing??!!!

Anyways… find out more about the SmallFryUnify studio’s Games Lounge project HERE and please consider pledging towards it’s target because not only is it pretty awesome in it’s own right, it also means that over at Little Egypt we can get to work on some great new projects with access to new-fangled tech and equipment!

Whilst my fit meter gadget & I are away at this event I may be unable to answer your enquiries so I’ll pick them up on Monday. Whilst away I shall however, be live tweeting from the event, so you can expect lots of nonsense like “Itsa me Lindsey Mario…” to show up on your Twitter feed!

Stay crazy!


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