Miss Fabulous Bellydance Competition

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on February 15th, 2013

“Miss Fabulous Bellydance” competition has been set up by Celia Buchan of Borders Arabic Dance. Intended to be a fun and friendly full day event which celebrates the talent of amateur Bellydancers in our area and beyond. The atmosphere for participants will be supportive & positive and for spectators, an exciting showcase of the diversity of Bellydance here in Scotland.

There will also be an after party at the rugby club next door with a handful of performances from guest professional bellydancers.

BDB girls have exactly the positive attributes and fabulousness this event is seeking out, you should consider entering. Remember, talent shouldn’t be measured in time or experience but in passion and charisma! …and besides, you know exactly how loudly and wildly the rest of us girls will interact with your performance!! ..Go crazy, have fun!

If you fancy applying let me know and I’ll get an application form to you. I can’t choose your music or your choreography (if you’re dancing a choreography) but I can give you all the love and support you desire and constructive feedback should you wish for it. You could win this! …you can also enter as a group of up to 6 people…

Entry & audience tickets can be purchased at www.bordersarabicdance.weebly.com or by contacting Celia on celiadance@talktalk.net  I’ve already blocked out the day in my diary and am looking forward to it. I imagine a group of us will head through and once I have an idea of numbers I’ll look to organising travel in the form of car sharing or buses. It’ll be a great day out, come join us!

You can read a little about my views on competition in Bellydance in this post about Project Bellydance

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