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Drum Solo Session with Live Darbuka from Bernard Schembri

October 28th, 2013

Little Egypt Belly Dance Studio Edinburgh Arabic Coffee SetJoin us in this 1 hour treat session at Little Egypt with guest drummer, Bernard Schembri…

We’ll have fun piecing together elements of drum solo and combine baladi rhythm with a finger cymbal pattern giving simple and more complex combination options, all accompanied on Darbuka drum by the tremendous talent of professional musician, Bernard Schembri, visiting us from Malta!

This session will help you take your dancing to the next level through the invaluable experience of belly dancing to professional live music, helping you build on your knowledge and understanding whilst growing your styling and confidence.

You are also invited to enjoy complimentary middle eastern refreshments and a collaborative performance from Bernard and Bellydancingbarbie.

Monday 4th November, 8.30-9.30pm  at Little Egypt 
(3 spaces remaining) 

Join Class: Paypal payment to, over the phone on 07853 197 964 or in person at Little Egypt on Wed, Sat, Sun between 1pm and 7pm.

Dress: Belly bling
: Finger cymbals (class practice finger cymbals are available to purchase in advance and on the day at £6)

Looking forward to welcoming everyone on Monday, our first day of classes at Little Egypt!

Autumn Term of Bellydancing Classes

August 26th, 2013


The fringe may be coming to a close but the shimmies are just about to begin!

A new term of Bellydancing Classes at Meadowlark AYE in Marchmont is starting the week beginning Monday 2nd Sept. Same glorious venue, days and times. New learning, new shimmies, new energy and ventilation system?!
“That’s just over a week away!” I hear you cry. Yes, yes indeed, it is just over a week away, the wait is almost over! :)

All classes at the Meadows are live for booking on the website Learn Page NOW.
Please note: This is a 6 week term scheduled over 7 weeks as no classes will running the week beginning Mon 16th Sept. This is unusual for us but is necessary on this occasion. If unsure, just ask.

Interest in spaces is high as ever so please do not hesitate to book if you wish to join us for fabulous funtime shimmies!! This term is likely to fully book out completely. Remember the only way to secure your spaces in each class is to Block Book the term via the ‘Join Class’ button on the Learn page – these are priority spaces. Second priority goes to those who attend using a Flexible Class Pass. Those with existing passes must now contact me so I can reserve your spaces. Reserving does not guarantee your space but provides priority over those who Drop-In on the day paying cash. Again if unsure at all, just ask …quickly!

Bellydance Studio Launch

The team are hosting a “Little Egypt” launch party for close friends and passionate champions of “BDB” on Saturday 7th September from 7pm. This will be an intimate event by invitation only.

Following our Little Egypt launch I will announce our first timetable of classes and events there and I look forward to sharing these details with you later.

Looking forward to belly dancing with you all very soon …go the sisterhood, yalla!

Shimmies and exciting times,

Lindsey Xx.

Introducing… Little Egypt!

July 31st, 2013

The name Little Egypt carries an enchanting air of mystical legend within western bellydance history.

The story goes that once upon a time in 1893 a show was performed at the Chicago World’s Fair titled ”The Algerian Dancers of Morocco” at an attraction called “A Street in Cairo” One of the shows performers, a dancer of Syrian nationality reportedly named Farida Mazar Spyropoulos was billed as “Fatima” but because of her petite frame she was affectionately nicknamed “Little Egypt” Her stage presence and charisma completely stole the show. She popularised this exciting new form of dancing, taking it to the people. As a direct result of this newly sparked interest many tribute acts sprung up and toured across the entire US with many of their dancers also billed as thee “Little Egypt”

Farida Mazar Spyropoulos is believed to have been the original Little Egypt. The original show she performed in is believed to have been the first time the United States ever saw belly dancing. This ripple created the first wave of western intrigue in the sensational exotic dance that today we call Bellydance.

In the 120 years since then, Bellydance has continued to mesmerise western audiences and strengthen its passionate participants. It is a popular dance genre, very diverse in itself. It welcomes everyone and has a lot to give. It continues to grow in popularity and depth yet holds exclusive enough to endure whilst remaining deeply respectful of its roots, traceable back to prehistoric times. 

You might be drawn to belly dance for all sorts of reasons: health, freedom, fitness, love, beauty, strength, energy, culture, fun, community… I’m drawn to bellydance for the positive experiences I can share with you.

…and so, after a lifetime of dreaming and the culmination of over five years of blood, sweat, tears & plain hard work; including hundreds of hours of research, working simultaneous full time jobs, a ridiculous number of phone calls, legalities, legislation and the ultimate test of willpower…

Ladies, gentlemen, boys & girls, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to…

The UK’s first fully themed, custom designed, Bellydance Studio.

  • 50 Square metre regular shaped studio
  • Premium quality eco-friendly, non-allergenic, UV cured, solid bamboo flooring
  • Top end underfloor heating system with high performance underlay
  • Life on record wireless bluetooth audio systems with 3.5mm aux input & remote control
  • Full 8ftx16ft wall of mirrors
  • Daylight therapy lighting
  • Contemporary Middle Eastern & Mediterranean decor
  • Souk area & refreshments
  • Superfast broadband
  • On & off street parking
  • Excellent travel links
  • Neighbouring community park

Opening Autumn 2013 at:
11c Murieston Lane
EH11 2LX

Check back to follow the progress of renovations and stay tuned for news of our launch events…

With love & shimmies,

Lindsey Marie Silver
Managing Director
Bellydancingbarbie | Little Egypt

Happy World Bellydance Day!

May 11th, 2013

It’s my belief that our movements send out vibrations that extend beyond our physical boundaries. They connect us with each other in a way no speech ever could. The language of movement is universal and the dialect of the shimmy welcomes all. Belly Dance is a way of being, of coming together, a nourishing of your body, mind and soul. It’s who you are now and who you will be in your future. It’s the beauty of rhythm, emotion, feeling and character expressed in a visual which fulfils both primal nature and modern sophistication.

Bellydance is amazing. Btw.

Happy World Bellydance Day to all my BDB Girls and Shimmy Sisters wherever you are in the world, we are all together.

Surprise surprise!

April 13th, 2013

ITV have asked me to pass this on to you all so here it is…


My name is Jack and I am an Assistant on the ITV series Surprise Surprise and as part of the next series we are hoping to say thank you and fulfil wishes by surprising more deserving people across the UK, including those who may have done something extraordinary.

I wondered if you would be able to circulate this email with our attached flyer/ poster that has our details to the employees/ volunteers of your organisation. If anyone would like to nominate someone they have come into contact with through the work of  your organisation who they think is deserving of a special surprise then we would love to hear from them. Maybe someone who has gone an extra mile or someone who has worked tirelessly for the organisation despite facing problems of their own. We are looking for people who have put others first despite facing adversity themselves.

If anyone would like to make a nomination then I have attached an application form – ideally we need these returned to within the next month.

As you can understand there is no guarantee that you, or your nominee, will appear on the show, but it would be great to know if you would like to nominate someone so that we can find out a bit more about them as soon as possible.

The application process is subject to the Programme Recruitment Terms and Conditions at:

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the show further with you so if this interests you then please feel free to get in touch via email or give us a call on 0207 157 ****.


The Surprise Surprise Team


So there you go!

….I actually have a few surprise surprise moments coming up for you in the next few months but they’ll need to remain a secret for now! ;)


Miss Fabulous Bellydance Competition

February 15th, 2013

“Miss Fabulous Bellydance” competition has been set up by Celia Buchan of Borders Arabic Dance. Intended to be a fun and friendly full day event which celebrates the talent of amateur Bellydancers in our area and beyond. The atmosphere for participants will be supportive & positive and for spectators, an exciting showcase of the diversity of Bellydance here in Scotland.

There will also be an after party at the rugby club next door with a handful of performances from guest professional bellydancers.

BDB girls have exactly the positive attributes and fabulousness this event is seeking out, you should consider entering. Remember, talent shouldn’t be measured in time or experience but in passion and charisma! …and besides, you know exactly how loudly and wildly the rest of us girls will interact with your performance!! ..Go crazy, have fun!

If you fancy applying let me know and I’ll get an application form to you. I can’t choose your music or your choreography (if you’re dancing a choreography) but I can give you all the love and support you desire and constructive feedback should you wish for it. You could win this! …you can also enter as a group of up to 6 people…

Entry & audience tickets can be purchased at or by contacting Celia on  I’ve already blocked out the day in my diary and am looking forward to it. I imagine a group of us will head through and once I have an idea of numbers I’ll look to organising travel in the form of car sharing or buses. It’ll be a great day out, come join us!

You can read a little about my views on competition in Bellydance in this post about Project Bellydance

Discuss in the comments thread below…

New Term of Bellydancing Classes!

January 6th, 2013

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Year celebration! :)

But if you feel you’ve stiffened up, need a bit of a boost, eaten 1 or 2 too many mince pies or nibbled your way through a kilo of cheese, biscuits and chocolate then good news everyone… BELLY DANCING CLASSES START NEXT WEEK!

As of next week you can have fun getting toned with BellyBasics, energised with BellyJam & creative with BellyDance …not to mention every other health benefit of Bellydancing! It ticks all the boxes and then some, see my article The Health Benefits of Bellydancing and also the Wikipedia Belly Dance page (yes that appears to be me on there! :)


Here’s the January to March class line up…

BellyJam™ | Energising bellydance aerobics class!
Best for: Fitness, toning, calorie burning, flexibility, energy
Monday’s 14th Jan-4th Mar | 8.00-9.00pm
at Edinburgh Studios, 19 Arthur Street, Leith
8 Classes £40 | **Limited spaces remaining**
BellyBasics™ | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility, fun
Tuesday’s 15th Jan-5th Mar | 7.00-8.00pm
at The Studio Below, Medusa, 26 Bread Street, Tollcross
8 Classes £50 | **FULLY BOOKED**
BellyDance™ | Choreographies & Improvisation
Best for: Learning, styling, confidence, expression, fun
Tuesday’s 15th Jan-5th Mar | 8.15-9.15pm
at The Studio Below, Medusa, 26 Bread Street, Tollcross
8 Classes £50 | **Limited spaces remaining**
BellyBasics™ | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility, fun
Wednesday’s 16th Jan-6th Mar | 7.00-8.00pm
at Edinburgh Studios, 19 Arthur Street, Leith
8 Classes £50 | **Limited spaces remaining**
BellyJam™ | Energising bellydance aerobics class!
Best for: Fitness, toning, calorie burning, flexibility, energy
Thursday’s 17th Jan-7th Mar | 7.15-8.15pm
at The Studio Below, Medusa, 26 Bread Street, Tollcross
8 Classes £40 | **ONLY 1 SPACE REMAINING**
Valentine’s Workshop | 2 hours of sensuous bellydance techniques
Saturday 9th February 2013 | 1.00-3.00pm
at Edinburgh Studios,  19 Arthur Street, Leith
Save the date | Details & booking to follow


I strongly recommend booking your spaces through the website now as with only a few days to go some classes are filling up fast!

PLEASE NOTE: Priority goes to those who block book through the Learn page, second priority goes to those attending with a flexible 8 class pass and finally any remaining spaces will be offered as drop-ins from week 2 of term on a first come first served basis. Any classes which have less than 4 people block booked on the term will not run.

Spread the word & get booking, 2013 is going to be the best year yet,

…see you next week, AIWAAAAA!


Two thousand and thirteen shimmies,

Lindsey Xx.

Protected: “The Strictly Shimmy”

December 17th, 2012

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JingleJam | Winter spiced bellydance fitness class

November 25th, 2012

Bellydance fitness classAfter the, quite frankly, scary success of Halloweens “PumpkinJam” bellydance fitness class, I invite you to experience the warming cinnamon & gingerbread sensation of.. JingleJam!

Have you been feeling sluggish? Then join us for this fabulously spicy festive BellyJam class! Ms Claus & all the elves will be there making their lists and checking them twice but shifting all those parcels & giant candy canes in the toy factory is rather hard work so expect to find out if your body’s naughty or nice! Enjoy feeling cosy and mulled during cooldown before you go home to your crib.

Looking forward to celebrating and unwrapping a cracker of a class!

Be there, with bells on!
Thursday 6th December | 7:15-8:15pm | Studio Below, Medusa
Everyone welcome | RSVP | £5 on the day
Fancy dress is hugely encouraged but not essential. Trainers & water are also recommended.

Facebook event is here JingleJam

(Santa will most likely be too busy napping by the fire to make an appearance. Well.. he’s not famous for his physique for a reason!)