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Napier University Freshers Fair

August 25th, 2011

Join us at Edinburgh Napier University Freshers Fair on Saturday 3rd September, from 10am-4pm, where I’ll be sharing some Belly Dancing Performances and hosting Free Belly Dance Mini Lessons throughout the day and we’ll have a stall where you can engage with the world of Bellydancing, learn a bit more about it, ask questions and chat about your experiences of the art form…

On the day you’ll also be able to book hire events & sign up to our regular city centre classes
(all Napier students will get an awesome 40% discount) and everyone can enter our prize draw to win an 8 Class Pass!

Other treats on the day are varied and *absolutely* for the whole family,

Hope you can make it!

BDB ♥Xx.

The Edinburgh Festival 2011

August 24th, 2011

So it’s mid festival time here in Edinburgh right now and the town is once again “udderly” colourful with the vibrant bustle of locals and tourists, performers, community groups and event promoters all weaving their way through the wandering crowds.

There are pop-up galleries, stages, cafes & bars, many of which have a late, very late licence. Just about every type of building you can think of has opened its doors as a fringe venue, to host a handful of the couple of thousand (2,400+) shows put on over the season.

It’s a time of year that fills every restaurant, hotel and taxi to the brim and walking around, occasionally you feel as though someone forgot to “say when”

It’s busy, it’s lively and it’s entertainment madness!

…If this time of year in Edinburgh were an animal I think it would be a member of the parrot family, a lorikeet to be precise. I used to feed the wild lorikeet when I lived in Rubyvale, Qld, Australia, I could watch them for hours, they have such fascinating community behaviours. Sociable, loyal, beautiful and bright. They used to employ the most ingenious of tactics to ensure they won the food, it was astounding! With each day they got smarter and smarter! They’d even sit and preen your hair and then BOOM one of them would step out of line and there would be a tremendous amount of flapping and squawking!

The festival is like an artsy-bohemian-almost cultural  Las Vegas and with each year the shows get more and more flamboyant! It’s full of optimism and it’s a performing artists dream ..but then, I grew-up here in Edinburgh, I’m desensitised to it.. or am I?! Perhaps not!

I’ve been busy, in my time between dancing, pulling music, culture & dance events out of the fringe programme and rounding up the local Edinburgh Belly Dance events that y’all might be interested in and you can find lots of those still upcoming added to our calendar at the top right of the site. This year over the final week I’ll be doing some Bellydancing in the form of street performing and maybe even hosting a free workshop in the meadows depending on the weather so watch this space!

…if you’ve not been to the Edinburgh Festival before or if you’re here but don’t tend to take much of it in then join us and…GET ON IT, LIKE A SCOTCHBONNET!

Cirque Du Rêves

July 1st, 2011

I hope you can all make it along, it’s going to be fabulous!

I made these invites & I love the way they turned out! They will be used in 2 party games so have a good look at them! There will also be some performances from local bellydancers and lots of other spectacular spectacular treats..

Really looking forward to it, if you’d like to perform do get in touch, my juggling is coming along so fingers crossed I’ll have it mastered for the night & either way we’ll have a jolly good olde time!



Bollywood Night in Edinburgh

June 12th, 2011
Bollywood Dancing In Edinburgh

Click for larger image

Thought you might be interested in this event, sounds glitzy and promises lots of music and dancing. Seems there’s a buffet and the possibility of a henna tattoo included in the ticket price too, whoop whoop!

Here’s the organisers facebook event It’s a public event so feel free to add your RSVP so they know how many to expect and also share with friends you think will be interested in going too.

Another event on this day is the Glasgow festival of arabic dance – see our calendar for details of that one ladies.

Chat below if you fancy either event & we can see about going together.


Haflas, Parties, Ra Ra Ra!

March 20th, 2011

Here’s a clip from the hafla I organised for us all in January…

Gosh, I wore so many hats that night; front of house, souk assistant, host, compere, DJ & a performer, haha, love it. Was so chilled too!

Looking forward to lots of parties over the spring and summer months..

✥ On Saturday Silvia & friends enjoyed their “I heart Bellydance” party!

✥ There are a couple of haflas happening very soon: Phoenix Hafla For Walk The Walk is this coming Saturday 26th March. Our friend Neimah’s been working very hard for a while now to put this together & raise some funds. The Biggar Hafla is a week on Friday. it’s the Biggar areas 5th annual hafla also for charity, not stated which, and it’s organised by Kate Deacon. I believe performance spaces are still available for this one. (Details for both are in our Bellydance Calendar) If I work my socks off now I should manage along to join the fun.. If anyone would like to go to either let me know, we could go together…

✥ We’ll have our group girly night out to the Bellydance Superstars show!

✥ and I’ll be having a special party in the summer and you’re all invited!

More on all of this later… stay tuned to your computermabobs.

Body & Soul Fair

March 20th, 2011

I’ve just heard about this event which is on this coming weekend at Meadowbank in Edinburgh.

Think essential oils, reiki, crystals, healing, emotional freedom technique, therapeutic massage and yoga, there’re all likely to be there.

It’s on Sat & Sun and would make for a relaxing afternoon wander.

…and it’ll still be light when you leave

….whee springtime!!

Wellbeing Mela 2011

March 2nd, 2011

Another great community event, this one is The Midlothian Wellbeing Mela on Sunday (6th March) from 12-4.30pm. It’ll be a super day out, they’ve loads of things happening just look at that lineup! I have another charity gig on the same day but if I can make it to this as well I’ll donate a performance. Have fun, hope to see you there!

Bombay Bellywood

February 25th, 2011

If you don’t want to spoil yourself for the Bellydance Superstars show “Bombay Bellywood” look away now (or rather, don’t press play :)

Bombay Bellywood, the show we mentioned in class recently and the perfect opportunity for a fabulous BDB girly night out!

Here are the details:

WHAT: “Bombay Bellywood” The BDSS new fusion show, Tickets £16 | OAP& U16′s £10

WHERE: Alhambra Theatre, 33 Canmore Street, Dunfermline, Fife, KY12 7NX

WHEN: Wednesday 6th April 2011 @ 7pm

WHY: Because it’ll be great fun & give you fresh drive & inspiration!

HOW:  I’ll be taking names & ticket money in classes this coming week & booking our tickets together so if you’d like to join us be ready for that & please also let the group know if you can offer a lift or if you’d like one. *So far we got 1 driver offering 4 lifts*

In June we’d usually have the much loved Raqs Britannia festival hosted by the Bellydance Superstars, the venue changed last year from Blackpool to Sheffield and all was good and great. This year there will be no Raqs Britannia, reasons given are somewhat vague, so this year in the festivals place we have this fabby touring show :) Cheaper, closer & you don’t even need to pack an away bag haha! The Belly dance/Indian dance fusion is a natural one to me, they’re like practically cousins in the dance world, although I often wonder with anything fusion, whilst you create something new which is *brilliant* do you also dilute your components? Perhaps it depends if you’re highly skilled in both?.. Ah-ha, now I got ya thinking… and ON WITH THE SHOW!!

This is the only date in Scotland so tickets might sell out, we’ll need to be quick just incase!

Hope you can join us girls for a particularly glamorous evening! :)

Feel free to comment your thoughts below..

Edinburgh’s MESP Festival 2011

February 17th, 2011


This years MESP festival is warming up with the Middle Eastern Film Festival at the Filmhouse screening a variety of films & this time round focusing on Turkish cinema. The film festival will also host a workshop on Turkish cinema history & themes.

The Pre Events this year are again very varied and notably include a Bellydance Hafla with 3 course dinner and talk/performances from Lorna Gow. You may have already seen the details in our calendar on the Learn page. It’ll be a great night, I’d go but I can’t get there in time!

The Main Events & Exhibitions and displays are too many to list, lots of interesting things happening, many discounted. One which stands out to me is “Health, Well-being and Healing Through Spiritual Dance and Movement”

Last year I enjoyed facilitating workshops in the MESP Festival Pre Events, my favourite was our “Awakening Spirituality Through Feminine Dance” – if you were there I haven’t forgotten your request for regular spiritual dance classes! It was such an incredible experience we shared it’d be a sin not to follow it up!  ;)

Check out the MESP, get cultural and learn something new about yourself too!