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Telford College Hair Factor

February 2nd, 2011

You might have heard me mention my involvement in this years ‘Hair Factor’ competition at Edinburgh’s Telford College. It’s the annual hairdressing comp at the College and this year boasts 20 finalists, celebrity stylist judges, drinks reception and dance performance.

The part I’ll play in the event is model with the mostest for up coming hairdressing talent Charlene Duthie who’s chosen theme is, can you guess it, Bellydancing! We’ve been working well as a team meeting each week in the run up and I’ve been sewing the costume, with some help from “Silver Threads” ;)

Here’s a little video I found of the event from a previous year..

I’m really looking forward to it, will be fun! It’s on Monday 28th Febuary 2011, 6:30-9:30pm at The Hub, Edinburgh’s Telford College. If you’d like to come along and show us your support tickets are a snip at £6.50 available here or I can reserve a few.

Yes, I’ll be throwing in some shimmies and cheekiness, you know it!! :)

Just Because We Raised £265!!

January 30th, 2011

Snaps taken by Sylvia at “Just Because It’s 2011″

Our Charity Hafla on Saturday 15th January 2011 was simply sensational!

There are so many things I could say about this event.. and some things difficult to verbalise.. what I will say is that it meant a lot to a lot of people.

It was exactly the friendly and chilled out ‘old school’ vibe I’d hoped for as I set about organising it just before Christmas. It was delightful for us to have so many friends there, both familiar and new faces. Our buffet, I’m sure you’ll agree, was something to be relished, there was everything there and I mean EVERYTHING! Homemade hummus, sweet chilli dip, flat bread, sundried tomato rolls, tzatziki, bread sticks and there were sausage rolls, chicken wings, turkish delight, biscuits, tiramisu, tortillas, dates, prawns, cakes you name it, it was there. There’s something so naturally satisfying about sharing food together, don’t you think!

We considered our achievements & challenges and those of others as we welcomed in a new year together..

We enjoyed gorgeous henna artistry from the very talented HANNAS HENNA

and were inspired throughout the evening by breath taking performances from…


We danced together vivaciously until 1am when the venue closed!! (I heard a rumour that some of us went on to “The Disco Chippy” and continued to dance there although this is yet to be confirmed)

Together we raised an incredible £265 for Just Because

Thank you to everyone for the very special part you played in the evening.

Take pride in yourself, Just Because It’s 2011!

Edinburgh Iranian Festival

January 26th, 2011

Edinburgh Iranian FestivalThank you to Paulette in ChoreoImpro for sharing the brochure for this event with us :) There are lots of different things happening throughout the city for the Edinburgh Iranian Festival 2011 which kicks off on Friday. Many of the events are free or discounted and all are definitely worth checking out as they offer something a little different to do in Scotland, can broaden your mind and leave you feeling a bit like you’re on your holidays!

Check out the festivals website for listings ..ooh and there’s free yoga!

Body Harmony Workshop

January 6th, 2011

Body Harmony Workshop 2011 - Bellydancingbarbie Chat

This is a project my friend Martina has been working on.

As you may be aware, I’m really into movement as an alternative therapy, in fact I’d go as far as to say I swear by it! I use the term ‘alternative therapy’ by todays definition since movement was thee original therapy known to mankind! The body and mind are part of the same system..

..I could talk about this all day but instead I’ll let Martina’s dance movement & meditation workshop do the talking!

Hope you can make it!

Belly Dance Charity Hafla

January 1st, 2011

Belly Dance Charity Halfa - Bellydancingbarbie Chat“Hafla” is the English transliteration of the Arabic word for “party”

It’s written in Arabic like this: حفله

Here in Scotland we have a history of great Hafla organisers and goers, highlighting a really diverse and thriving bellydance community.

The huge popularity of TV talent contests like Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol etc in recent years has, I think, undoubtedly added a larger showmanship edge to the dynamics of the Belly Dance Hafla, this is great as it keeps things moving forward, as any live artform worth a shimmy should! In a more traditional sense a Belly Dance Hafla carries a vibe similar to a good old Scottish Ceilidh or as a reference point, that scene in Titanic where Rose joins the wild party below deck and really lets her hair down! There’s a give & take between party goers and performers, everyone is, in themselves, an inherent part of the evening, every clap, cheer, zaghareet and serpentine hiss adds some sparkle to the event.

Here’s to progressing art and honouring tradition in 2011!

Tickets for the Hafla are available in the shop and here is the Facebook event Belly Dance Party – “Just Because It’s 2011!”

Hope you can make it!

Edinburgh Hafla

November 10th, 2010

Hey everyone,

The details of this great upcoming hafla are already in our dance calendar over on the Learn page. I added it to the calendar weeks ago and then promptly forgot that I had haha, too busy for my own good sometimes!

The hafla’s taking place next Sunday evening, the 21st Nov. Check out the details on the Learn Page Calendar then pop back here and add a comment with your name if you wanna all go along together! We can maybe arrange a meet up for a drinky or a coffee beforehand YAY!

Should be a fabby night, looking forward to it!

Greek Bellydancing

November 4th, 2010


I’m just back from a whopping gig at Edinburgh’s only Greek Restaurant! I must admit to having never been there before tonight, shocking really and I have no excuse either! Well, now I’m very please to say that not only have I been there and met the absolutely lovely owners but I can also add My Big Fat Greek Kitchen to my list of restaurant dancing experiences!

I was thinking to myself that this was my first Greek gig but alas I had completely forgotten about Bellydancing around the pool of the Corfu Hilton Hotel at a big fat greek wedding a few years back! How I could forget this I am yet to understand, it was AWESOME with live band and all but there you go, my brain obviously misfiled that one!

Greece appears to be one of the few bellydancing countries who have managed to keep their love of the artform a secret… Sshhh… Yes, GREECE HAS BELLYDANCING!!! You’d be surprised how many people don’t know that! ‘Tsiftetelli’ is the term used for Bellydance in Greece and this also refers to the common accompanying musical rhythm. As with all bellydancing countries, Greece have their own style too with quirks that echo folkloric dances similar to those you may have seen before on tv or when holidaying for example. I’ve never seen a bellydancer use plates as props but you never know, maybe it happens in some regions ha!

Here is a particularly beautiful greek bellydance by Tahja. I enjoy the expression she emits and the very theatrical arms. True and honest beauty. Her dance doesn’t try too hard. It doesn’t have to.

I have no idea what the song is about, maybe I’ll ask George at My Big Fat Greek Kitchen next time I dance there. Maybe I’ll dance to this song.. Yes I most definitely will.. but Sshhh, like Greek Bellydance, it’s a secret!

BDB Girls Night Out!

October 22nd, 2010

(somebody’s fabulous!*)

Hello everyone, as you may have heard I’m organising another little get together for us BDB ladies on Saturday 23 October 2010, 7.30pm – late. Some of us have gone out for food, drinkies and dancing before and quite frankly I think it’s high time we did it again!

So… this invite goes out to everyone across all of my classes past, present and future and if you wanna ask your friends along they’d be absolutely welcome to join us!
I have a couple of good restaurants in mind where we can go have some mezeh (think tapas) and some ‘bring your own bottle’ drinks and hopefully some live entertainment too! Those who want to can then go paint the town glamorous!

I’ll let you know which restaurant and the exact details as soon as we have numbers all together and can book.

If you haven’t already put your name down in class then please email me or add a comment below with names.

Really looking forward to it…
…look out world, our arrival is imminent!
L Xx.
* wearing lengths of lamé is optional, conventional clothing is considered just as wonderful! ;)

..and so..

Reservations have been made for 10 people on Saturday, 8.30pm at:

Empires – Traditional Turkish Cafe, Tea House & Bistro, 24 St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SU.

Two things to remember: It’s BYOB (corkage is around £2 or £3) and they don’t take cards.

They have great food, we have been invited to stay until close if we want and they have excellent live music planned!

If anyone would like to meet up beforehand the World’s End Pub is right on the corner of St. Mary’s Street with the restaurant just down the street on the left. Meeting here from, say.. 7.30pm on, otherwise, we’ll see you at Empires!! WHEEE!!!!

Public Performance at The World’s Biggest Zumbathon®

October 18th, 2010

I’ve just been invited to perform at this very exciting charity event!! It’s at The Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston on Sunday and they hope to have a record turnout of over 1000 people taking part in Zumba® and raising funds for Quarriers These funds will enable Quarriers to continue their invaluable work of providing care and support for thousands of children, adults and families.

Anyone can take part, so if you’d like a registration/sponsor form let me know and I will email them to you.

If you’d like to perform with me at this event please let me know asap, time is short!

Hope to see you there, the more the merrier! :)