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Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on August 21st, 2010

I’m becoming increasingly busy with hire bookings these days, as the word spreads and referrals are passed from one client to another. I’ve done dancing gigs for ages now, years, just seems the climate is really right for them now as general awareness of the artform grows and understanding deepens so with that the demand increases. I love the hire side of what I do and this whole aspect of being a Bellydancer.. Some might say well isn’t that what it’s all about? I’d say yeh but that’s not all, there are so many facets to this precious gem! There’s the meeting new people on a daily basis, the hours of prep and build up to the planned event, the exciting unknown of the venue and the guests, everything & the whole gig as an experience. I’m going to start sharing some of my gig experiences with you here, starting from… NOW

Gig: Performances & Workshop for The Ladies of Harley Davidson, Mussleburgh, 11th Aug

Wearing full BD stage make up, hair ‘jijjed’ and jewellery adorned I dropped my sister and my mum off in town for their nights out with friends and carried on to mussleburgh. Google maps and street view had given me a clear idea of where I was headed but I had a moment of confusion and wondered into the Lidl supermarket to ask for directions and received some looks of suspicion before getting the helpful information I required from a girl with an enormous smile and apparent appetite for tomatoes. I pulled up in the car park in the Fiesta next to shiny Harley motorbikes and whilst checking I had everything looked inside my handbag to find a great big hairy spider!!! I spent a moment chasing it around inside there then scooped it up and tossed it onto the floor hoping he stayed there whilst I was gone as I wasn’t keen for another surprise later!
I could feel the excitement as I entered the venue, upstairs in the Mayfair bar, a large function room with ambient lighting, super smooth dance floor and a humungously powerful PA sound system! The group of ladies, over 25 strong, enjoyed a cool drink and a chat whilst I changed and set up in time for the agreed start. The host addressed the group then introduced me and I received a very very warm welcome!
I spoke about Bellydance origins, meanings and dispelled some myths. I gave the group some tools to respond to my performances, then selected a music track at random. I danced from the heart. I danced improvisation. The ladies felt my enthusiasm and I felt their excitement in an exchange of positive energy. Raw energy, filling the room. The kind that makes your heart want to jump out of your chest. The group interacted with me as I moved to the heady and intoxicating rhythm, hissing serpent like and clapping in time. I could sense they were now itching to try it out for themselves!!
We had fun with isolations of the hips layering one move onto another. The smiles as I looked round the circle were radiant and the giggles infectious! We progressed into some hand and arm movements as if carried away on the breeze…
I danced again demonstrating various different styles and answered many thought provoking questions. Considering none of these ladies had ever Bellydanced before gosh can those Ladies of Harley move!

After an awesome gig I returned to the car for the drive home and haven’t seen the spider since!


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