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Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on March 11th, 2010

A recent performance gig for BAA to celebrate Ryanair’s announcement of new route to Marrakesh مراكش

During the planning of this gig I was sworn to secrecy since the announcement hadn’t been made yet, this added to the excitement of performing for afternoon travellers in the Arrivals hall of Edinburgh Airport! This also meant I could only discuss the booking in general terms when offering it to Lara Yadgarian also who did well to trust me on it and to agree at what was quite short notice!

The communications company working for BAA were very good at ..well.. communicating! Although the announcement day was postponed and despite the short time frame we were well informed of what to expect in terms of fitting performance, audience and the media photocall.

Hundreds of photos were taken by Gareth Easton, a freelance photographer working for BAA and many other photographers and tv crew were there.. and of course the public, some of whom were loving it, some of whom were unsure but later came round to the idea!  Lara and I danced and posed for photographs with Gordon Dewar, Managing Director of Edinburgh Airport.

The story was covered on STV News, many different websites and featured in the Evening News a couple of days later. BAA will have covered it somewhere and perhaps Ryanair in their inflight magazine.

A good gig, great fun and the best part is I actually got to take my dancing suitcase to the Airport and strangely, that was the one day that people never asked me “are you going somewhere nice”?!

I have a whole stack of photos from various gigs and classes that I haven’t gotten around to showing you all yet! Will add them to the site over the coming weeks I promise!

Love always,


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