The Edinburgh Festival 2011

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on August 24th, 2011

So it’s mid festival time here in Edinburgh right now and the town is once again “udderly” colourful with the vibrant bustle of locals and tourists, performers, community groups and event promoters all weaving their way through the wandering crowds.

There are pop-up galleries, stages, cafes & bars, many of which have a late, very late licence. Just about every type of building you can think of has opened its doors as a fringe venue, to host a handful of the couple of thousand (2,400+) shows put on over the season.

It’s a time of year that fills every restaurant, hotel and taxi to the brim and walking around, occasionally you feel as though someone forgot to “say when”

It’s busy, it’s lively and it’s entertainment madness!

…If this time of year in Edinburgh were an animal I think it would be a member of the parrot family, a lorikeet to be precise. I used to feed the wild lorikeet when I lived in Rubyvale, Qld, Australia, I could watch them for hours, they have such fascinating community behaviours. Sociable, loyal, beautiful and bright. They used to employ the most ingenious of tactics to ensure they won the food, it was astounding! With each day they got smarter and smarter! They’d even sit and preen your hair and then BOOM one of them would step out of line and there would be a tremendous amount of flapping and squawking!

The festival is like an artsy-bohemian-almost cultural  Las Vegas and with each year the shows get more and more flamboyant! It’s full of optimism and it’s a performing artists dream ..but then, I grew-up here in Edinburgh, I’m desensitised to it.. or am I?! Perhaps not!

I’ve been busy, in my time between dancing, pulling music, culture & dance events out of the fringe programme and rounding up the local Edinburgh Belly Dance events that y’all might be interested in and you can find lots of those still upcoming added to our calendar at the top right of the site. This year over the final week I’ll be doing some Bellydancing in the form of street performing and maybe even hosting a free workshop in the meadows depending on the weather so watch this space!

…if you’ve not been to the Edinburgh Festival before or if you’re here but don’t tend to take much of it in then join us and…GET ON IT, LIKE A SCOTCHBONNET!

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