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Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on April 24th, 2010

Hi everyone,

I’ve been mentioning in class some events coming up over the next few months, here are some links to more information:

  • 30th April 2010 – Northumberland, UK, Ford Castle Residential Weekend – Hosted by Farida Dance
  • 29th May 2010 – Glasgow, UK – Astrobelly Workshop with Guinevere and Event – Hosted by Imman Mussa - www.immanmussa.com
  • 11-13th June 2010 – Leicester, UK – Belly Dance Mania – Hosted by Maria D’Silva - www.bellydancemania.com
  • 18th-20th June 2010 – Camerton, Near Bath, UK, Middle Eastern Music, Drum and Dance Camp – contact Maren - marenlueg@yahoo.co.uk
  • 25-27th June 2010 – Sheffield, UK – Raqs Britannia – Hosted by Miles Copeland & The Bellydance Superstarts – www.raqsbritannia.co.uk
  • 10-12th September 2010 – Northumberland, UK – Dance From The Heart with Guy Schalom and his Baladi Blues Band- Hosted by Aasifa -tel:  Jay 07887 527 586 or Ruth 01434 673762 or email:    aasifa2009@yahoo.co.uk
  • 2nd-3rd October 2010 – Bradford, UK – Jewel of Yorkshire – www.jewelofyorkshire.co.uk

Well that lot should give you some ideas of what’s on over the summer months! I’ll add to this as and when things come to my attention.

Let me know if you fancy going along to any of these, if I’m free I’ll come too and for some events if I book us as a group I can secure us a little discount!

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Keep dancing!


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