Wellbeing Mela 2010

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on October 17th, 2010

This morning I was woken to the sound of bagpipes and indian drumming. It was a delicious fusion of musical flavours. Thinking “it’s some sort of Indian/Scottish wedding” sleepyhead dragged herself up to the window to find:

  • 1x indian bagpiper in traditional Scottish clobber (hunk)
  • 1x indian drummer in traditional Indian clobber (hunk)
  • 3x bright and sparkly saree wearing women (beautiful)
  • 4x photographers (professional)
  • 1x man handing out flyers (sociable)
  • and 2x little dalry boys throwing explosive caps at everyones feet (menacing)

I brushed my teeth, thew on some joggers & my jacket and ran downstairs… It’s a Wellbeing Mela!! it’s on at the St. Brides Centre, Orwell Terrace, Edinburgh until 3.30pm and it’s free!!

“An event to brighten up your day brings together communities and artists from diverse ethnic groups to promote well-being. A spectacular fusion of performers include bagpipers, drummers and dancers alongside therapies and arts activities for all ages.”

Back in the flat I got a text from my cousin to tell me about the event which she helped organise through her work for the mental health charity behind it!

All a little late notice and yet somehow all the more welcome!

I’ll be popping over later on, once I finish sunday brunch!

Hope to see you there!

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