Freshening Veils

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on August 29th, 2010

I have been asked again how to go about freshening the delicate fabric of dancing veils. In July I put a little post on the Bellydancing Barbie Facebook page as I carried out this task, it read like this…

Bellydancing Barbie a good day for freshening veils, bright & breezy!July 12 at 1:44pm Amy and Emily like this.

For chiffon veils I handwash them in slightly warm water with a *little* natural soap flakes, then rinse in cold water with a *little* fabric softener, to get rid of any static. You can add a few drops of essential oil to the rinsing water, ylang ylang is perfect, for a beautiful aromatherapy dance experience! Hang them outside on line evenly using pegs all the way along and just let them drip dry. When dry roll them up to save from excess creasing. Veil freshening = DONE!

For silk, If you must wash silk proceed with caution, use only cold water with the tiniest amount of natural additives and try not to rub as this will upset the fibres and possibly cause patchy colour loss.

For all veils, put off submerging them for as long as seems possible you can spot clean in between times. Only use natural detergents for minimum colour bleed. Avoid submerging any beading & trimmings as from my experience this will only end in tears. The amount of usage these items get should also be taken into consideration. Sometimes just giving them a really good long airing will suffice.

Have you had any mishaps whilst freshening costuming? Are there any little tricks you have discovered? Any questions or comments just pop them below!

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