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Party Time For BDB Girls!

November 23rd, 2012

All BDB girls, past, present & future are invited to join us for a party evening of delicious foods, drinks & of course …bellydancing!

Party Bellydance Theme

This year our festive party fun is being hosted at Empires!

A Turkish & Mediterranean restaurant just off the Royal Mile at 24 St. Mary’s Street, Edinburgh. The food is delicious, drinks are BYOB, decor is like being on holiday and the last time us BDB girls were there we had a truly FABULOUS time!!

Tables are booked from 8.30pm onwards on Friday 14th December 2012

The evening will include a performance set from Bellydancingbarbie and music for us all to enjoy and have a Bellyboogie!

Those who want to can then go for a couple of drinks/dancing afterwards.

Let me know if you wanna join us and they’ll increase the size of our table accordingly!
**RSVP** ASAP to, in class or on Facebook event page: BDB Girls Christmas Party!

Dress code: whatever makes you happy. Pop your hipscarf in your handbag!


  • Empires don’t serve alcohol so instead they offer a “Bring Your Own Bottle” service – corkage/glasses charge is £3 wine bottle, 50p beer bottle
  • They currently can’t take card payments so cash or cheque only on the night please
  • As our group is large & the restaurant is popular they very politely ask for a £10 deposit per person to reserve our seating. Please get your £10 deposit to Lindsey by Monday 10th Dec, either cash in class or via Paypal transfer to: I’ll then go to the restaurant and pay this on everyone’s behalf.

  • UPDATED – IF YOU HAVEN’T MANAGED TO GET A DEPOSIT TO ME YET BUT YOU STILL REALLY DO WANT TO JOIN US, I CAN PAY A DEPOSIT ON YOUR BEHALF, JUST LET ME KNOW …and promise me you’ll be there otherwise it could be a costly night for me haha! ;)

Looking forward to it,
Shimmies Xx.

New BellyJam Artwork

September 3rd, 2012

I enjoyed a creative Sunday this weekend with my head in the clouds creating this new artwork for our BellyJam classes together. If you have somewhere in mind you think could do with lightening up, let me know, I’ll print you a poster!

If you’ve not tried BellyJam yet, class listings are available over on the Learn page, you should come join us!

Moroccan Hammam

September 12th, 2010

Whilst relaxing and supping on a cosying glass of red I found myself searching online for Moroccan mosaic tiles. I stumbled across this…

… it’s a bathtub!!!

FAB-U-LOUS!!!! If I own anything in my future please let it be this. ..AND the water runs down like a beautiful water feature. It’s by an Italian mosaic artwork company called SICIS. I can’t find a price. They also do it in a classic black stiletto, we may get more wear out of those huh girls? haha!