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Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on January 26th, 2013

You’ll hear a lot of crap these days of products, supplements, diets, regimes, exercise fads, “5 foods to never eat” etc all promising the world and delivering nothing. Worse still, many of these actually worsen your condition. Why? For the sole reason that the company behind them care about your money and not about your health and fitness.

So here’s the deal.

You attend BellyJam class, I change up your health & fitness to be the best it possibly can be, in the safest, simplest way and without breaking the bank. You feel great, you look great, people compliment you and I feel satisfied in myself knowing you’re happier and healthier in yourself.

In next week’s BellyJam handout I’ll be sharing with you one of my “elixirs of life”

In advance of this and assuming you want to be the best version of yourself, buy yourself some apple cider vinegar (organic, unpasturised, unfiltered are best) and a good quality honey.

If you have a medical condition, maybe you’re a coeliac for example, you may also wish to run both of these ingredients by your doctor for ingestion in small dilute quantities.

Any questions, advice or help tracking these down just ask.

The handout will reveal a recipe which, when coupled with BellyJam sessions, will revolutionise your health & fitness.

See you in class, aiwaa…

Lindsey Xx.

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