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Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on May 29th, 2014

A few of you voiced interest in setting up foam rolling sessions so I’ve worked out a regular class format and BAM, there it is!

So, I hear you ask…

What is it & how does it work? ‘Foam Rolling’ is a form of Myofascial Release which has taken America by storm in recent years. It works with a similar principle to a remedial sports massage, however, this you perform yourself utilising your own body weight for leverage and applying pressure to the trigger points to stimulate the stretch reflex. Listening to your own body’s signals and reacting accordingly are also key to achieving a positive objective. Originally developed and used by Physiotherapists, this treatment is now offered by top trained fitness professionals who have seen it’s outstanding results and appreciate its potential benefits for their clients.  It’s applications are vast, here are just some of the benefits you can gain:

  • Relief from muscle soreness caused by tension
  • Increases flexibility and suppleness
  • Re-alignment & maintenance of good posture
  • Sculpts the body through toning to produce light, lean, elegant muscles
  • Transforms quality of movement
  • Increases depth of movement
  • Lymphatic drainage release of toxins
  • May be helpful in the treatment of scar tissue & cellulite
  • Increases circulation of the blood
  • Builds balance and harmony between muscle groups
  • Improves the condition of the skin
  • Raises general baseline level of fitness
  • Prevents injury from overworked muscles & stressed joints
  • Encourages steady weight loss when used as part of an exercise programme
  • Raises body temp making it an effective warm up phase of exercise
  • Effective stretch component during cooldown phase of exercise

…you can imagine the positive effects this can have not only on your dancing or sporting activity but potentially on your whole life!

Who is it for? Dancers (both professional and amateur hobbyists) sports persons, physical professionals, runners, yoga, pilates & aerobics enthusiasts and some of the fitter mainstream population can all benefit from foam rolling. You do require a good level of general fitness, a mild degree of upper body strength and moderate core strength to get the best rewards and the activity itself will develop these further. Our small group classes will allow for tailored tuition and teaching points so if you don’t have perfect bodily awareness this isn’t a problem, guidance will be on hand.

I’ve used foam rolling with many of my fitness clients. One client in particular had muscular back pain for approx 2 years and within 3 sessions of Foam Rolling they felt freed of the pain cycle. I’ve had a similar experience when I suffered a muscular injury. I now use Foam Rolling on a regular basis between classes to keep my muscles both strong and flexible ..and to release my calves after years of high-heel wearing! I LOVE foam rolling, it’s addictive and you’ll be amazed by the results! I can’t recommend this highly enough, it’s an investment in your health or at the very least it’s worth trying out!

What does it feel like? The first time you roll, I’m not going to lie, it can be rather uncomfortable. From there on in, with regular sessions it feels better and better until it starts to feel amazing! If you’re someone who enjoys a deep back massage with applied pressure, chances are you’ll like this. It’s a good discomfort, like a deep stretch, it feels productive. Within 10 minutes you’ll feel lighter and more supple and you’ll enjoy that sensation so much you’ll happily work through this feeling. As the health of your muscles improves, discomfort eases and warmth & relaxation follows. It feels satisfying and wholesome.

You’ll see instant results in 1 session and I’d recommend at least 6 consecutive sessions if you want deeper, more progressive results. After that you can go on and practice some of the techniques and teachings safely by yourself at home. You will likely find that joining us in ongoing classes gives you the best adherence and progression but you’ll have the lovely option of performing it yourself anytime. eg. wake up with a sore back? Heal it!

When does class start, where do I sign up?

Foam Rolling Class starts on:

Wednesday 4th June | 8.30-9.30pm at Little Egypt
Drop-In | £7 on the day | Just come along

This is a fitness class containing zero dance. Men are also welcome to attend this class. I will be in my personal trainer persona, expect lots of anatomical teaching points and to sweat for your results.

Where do I get a roller & a mat? A decent roller for this purpose is around £20-30 from a physio suppliers and they come in different densities. We will be using a “full length, full round” in classes. You are welcome to bring your own roller or you can purchase one at Little Egypt for under £20. You might like a mat for some of the exercises, preferably one around 6mm thickness, these can be ordered at Little Egypt.

What should I wear? Stretchy clothing like you’d wear to the gym or to a yoga class, preferably fitted for easy of movement. Barefeet, FootGloves or indoor trainers.

I’ve a previous injury, can I still do it? Depending on the injury, you may be able to proceed with caution. Email for my opinion and double check with your GP or specialist.

**Please do not attempt this form of exercise yourself without proper training as incorrect usage can lead to serious injury**

…for those of you who enjoy a flowing movement, stretch, wellbeing & meditation class you want to try get a space in BellyStretch. …and for those of you who’d prefer a more conventional relaxing massage, get in touch, I have diary space! £35 per hour session with pre & post treatment consultation. For this just email me!

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