The Health Benefits of Belly Dance

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on December 21st, 2012

The Health Benefits of Belly Dance are vast. Through my own research and testing here are my findings to date:

Physical Benefits of BellyDancePhysical Benefits

Increased and improved:

Stability of core muscles


Heart and lung fitness


Muscular Endurance

Body shape

Toning of muscles

Weight loss potential

Performance of all body systems

Good posture

Bone strength

Pelvic floor strength

Prenatal and postnatal health

Removal of toxins

Recovery from injury/illness

Joint health through synovial fluid production

Water regulation within the body

Natural management of period pain


Skill Benefits

Increased and improved:



Control of movement

Body awareness

Rhythm and listening



Intellectual Benefits

Increased and improved:

Anatomical and physiological knowledge

Cultural awareness

Concentration and focus

Respect for diversity


Psychological Benefits

Increased and improved:


Stronger sense of self/identity

Psychological-Social-Emotional-Benefits-of-BellyDanceStress reduction


Social Benefits

Increased and improved:

Social circles

Group cooperation

Personality development within a group

Discovery of female spirituality


Emotional Benefits

Increased and improved:

Self esteem

Fun and invigoration

Calming and relaxation

Prenatal and postnatal health

Management of premenstrual tension

General happiness


See the View page to read an article the Edinburgh Evening News wrote about one of my research studies. The findings of this one were phenomenal and I’ll also be sharing that very valuable data with you soon…

…in the meantime, should you need any other reason to continue or take up Belly Dancing for the first time just ask some of the ladies who’ve danced for years, they’ll tell you why they love it!


©Lindsey Marie Silver
If you wish to use any of this information please  credit  & link . Use is otherwise prohibited.

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