Stunning Students at Heriot Watt University Class

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on March 28th, 2010

Some of the girls in this terms Heriot Watt University Bellydance class – practising ‘camels’❖❖❖❖❖

Semester two is usually the toughest time for students of any subject, with personal study, exams, project deadlines and more complex and in-depth lectures to attend. These ladies and many others have opted once a week to let go and relax at Bellydance class. At the start of every class we enjoyed sharing news of our achievements with the rest of the group and giving each other some real encouragement before going on to share in the experience of bellydancing together.

Being a student myself I understand just how much can be involved in achieving any qualification and if, like these girls too, you want to go that extra mile and excel spectacularly in your subject you have to make some sacrifices now to reap the rewards later. Coming together for this hour in the week could quite easily have been a week long holiday, the experience felt so rich and reviving!

Many of these ladies are international students for whom English is their second language and the UK a new culture, more respect to you all for having the guts and the determination to follow your hearts.

I miss you all already and hope to see you again soon, please stay in touch!

Love always,

Lindsey ♥♡♥

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