Get up to 50% discount on New Bollywood & Yoga Classes

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on December 14th, 2014

Bollywood and Yoga Classes at Little Egypt are launching this January. To welcome them on the timetable, help you on your way to full health, fitness and wellness and thank you for your continued support, here’s a fabulous treat!

If you’re booked on 1 block of classes this January get 25% off a block of Bollywood and/or Yoga classes
If you’re booked on 2 or more blocks of classes this January get 50% off a block of Bollywood and/or Yoga classes

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This discount can also be applied when booking over the phone or in person at the Little Egypt studio. Offer only valid for January to March 2015 term. Non-tranferable. Class pass users are eligible for 25% discount options. To book on Bollywood or Yoga singly online visit the SHOP page for full price booking.

So, if you’ve wanted to take multiple classes and try something new there’s no time like the present!

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