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Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on August 1st, 2010

Whether you feel you are fit and healthy or feel you have plenty of room for improvement it’s always interesting and indeed extremely beneficial to know the facts and to measure where your at.

How healthy are you, really?

Don’t know?

Think of a car for a moment. You put the right fuel in there for its engine type, oil, when it’s empty you fill it up again with what it needs etc. By law in the UK in order for a car to be road worthy we must take it for an MOT test. If that vehicle fails any part of it’s MOT it’s considered a risk to the driver and to other people on the road. The car is then mended and you can drive off into the distance in your more efficient vehicle with some piece of mind, singing along to the radio. We do this test annually. Imagine we didn’t test vehicles… ever… what would the outcome be?

The human body carries out many mechanical processes very similar to that of a car, some automatically and some manually. Your body is your vehicle and parts are hard to come by. Hadn’t you better ensure it’s running efficiently?

Many of us are already actively looking after ourselves and doing a reasonably good job at it. Perhaps you’re being super motivated to watch your weight and what you eat, take some exercise, that’s very commendable, however, it’s entirely another thing if you simply don’t need to do this anymore because you have addressed areas which were flagged up in your nutritional & health assessment. Your body can regulate itself efficiently now and has all the water, nutrients and fitness elements it requires! All you have to do now is sing along to the radio!

Nutritional & Health Assessments by Lindsey Marie Silver

Two 1 hour sessions delivered in the comfort and privacy of your own home and at a time which suits you

What we’ll do in session 1:

  • Start a 7 day food diary
  • Complete basic fitness testing using analysis to norms
  • Fill in a short detailed lifestyle questionnaire

Data from this session will then be analysed for you and session two booked in.

What we’ll do in session 2:

  • Discuss the analysis of your 7 day food diary
  • Discuss and breakdown the results of your basic fitness tests and what they actually mean
  • Give you a personalised action plan to improve any areas highlighted
  • Give you a personalised factsheet including recommended dietary guidelines for your future

Website members can receive 20% off during the month of August 2010. £100 | Now £80

Please private message or email to discuss and book in your first session.

Lindsey Xx.

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