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Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on July 1st, 2011

‘Foam Rolling’ or actual title ‘Myofascial Release’ has taken America by storm. Originally developed and used by Physiotherapists, this treatment is now offered by top fitness professionals who have seen it’s outstanding results and appreciate the potential benefits for us all.  It’s applications are vast, here are just some uses:

  • Relief from muscle soreness caused by tension
  • Release of toxins
  • Raise body temp during warm up phase of exercise
  • Effective stretch component during cooldown phase of exercise
  • Can be useful in the treatment of cellulite
  • Increases circulation of the blood
  • Improves the condition of the skin
  • Encourages steady weight loss when used as part of an exercise programme
  • Re-alignment & maintenance of good posture
  • Increases flexibility and suppleness
  • Will add depth of movement for bellydancers

It works with a similar principle to a sports massage, however, after a few training sessions you can perform this on yourself!

I worked with a client recently who had muscular back pain for approx 2 years and within 3 sessions of Foam Rolling they felt freed of the pain cycle. I have had a similar experience when I suffered a muscular injury. I now use Foam Rolling to release my calves after years of constant high-heel wearing! I LOVE foam rolling, it’s addictive and you’ll be amazed by the results! I’d recommend this to everyone, it’s an investment in your health!

Throughout the month of July I’m offering foam rolling sessions to all Edinburgh based members of for only £20. A 1 hour one-to-one session delivered in the comfort of your own home by me, your qualified fitness professional.

You’ll see instant benefits in 1 session and more progressive benefits in 2 or more sessions. I’d recommend a course of at least 5 sessions if you want to go on and practice by yourself and I will teach you to a level where you can confidently use the roller on all areas of the body. A roller itself is around £20-30 and they come in different densities. Book 5 sessions & I’ll chuck in a roller for you! For our sessions together I’ll bring a mild density roller for us to use.

To book in your sessions anytime in July just fill in the enquiry form on the Hire page or email stating your username.

First person based in Edinburgh to comment on this post wins a free session. Ready, GO!..

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