Come Dine With Me Edinburgh!

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on September 8th, 2010

I’ve been asked to pass this on to all of you lovelies. Cooking is one of my other passions in life! I really love this show for that reason and for the very human enjoyment there is in watching a group dynamic evolve. I’d TOTALLY go in for this experience if it wasn’t for my current lack of a proper dining area… hmm… if I could store some of these beautiful costumes there… move the massage bed and giant home cinema setup there …et VOILA!! Maybe.

Do you cook? What’s your signature dish? Or is it more can’t cook, won’t cook in your case?

I recently entertained at a Come Dine With Me event my Turkish friend Rose hosted. It was great fun and I had EVERYONE up joining in! You should have seen the guys jaws drop when all the ladies in the room were moving in a “figure 8″ then you should have seen the ladies giggle as the guys tried (rather well) to move in a “camel” I finished my set with a really beautiful piece, improvised of course. It was one of those real personal gigs that warms your heart and leaves you feeling honoured to have shared with people.


p.s. how nice is Ainsley Harriet? Awhhh, nice! where did he go anyways?

Btw more middle eastern recipes coming soon..


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