Egyptian Falafel – Ta’Amia

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on January 7th, 2011

Egyptian Falafel - Ta'Amia - Bellydancingbarbie ChatFalafel is a small bite size bean pattie eaten in lots of eastern countries. Again, something everyone wants to claim as their own because if done right they are GOOD and even if they turn out a bit bland you can lash on some great dressings and salads to give them oodles of taste!

There are regional differences in the ingredients lists, some call for chickpeas, some fava beans and some half and half. The inclusion of various herbs and spices varies too and families tend to have their own unique blend that they like and stick to. We can follow their lead here and find a recipe to our exact liking!

Excellent things to remember about Falafel are: it’s easy when you know how, it’s remarkably healthy by any recipe, low in fat (if you use good oil) and provides lots of nutrients. They’re satisfying and fill you up without being heavy. It’s handy to keep a little tub of them in the fridge for snaking on or giving to the family in lunchboxes.

Ta’Amia is the Egyptian version of Falafel. This one calls for fava beans. It’s often quite spicy and served in a wholemeal pitta bread with lemon tahini sauce and chopped salad.


This involves about 20mins of actual making time and will do 4 peckish people with a small pitta and/or salad. You might double the quantity if keeping as a go to snack in the fridge.

For this fabulous recipe one will need:

250g Dried fava beans

1 Onion (sliced)

1 pinch of Baking powder

2 tbsp Plain flour

1 Garlic clove

1 tsp Cumin

1tsp Parsley fresh is best

Olive oil



1. Rinse your beans

2. Soak in luke warm water in a large tupperware type container for at least 6 hours, over night if you can (btw tupperware! yass!)

3. Drain your beans

4. Put them in blender with Mr Onions, the parsley, garlic, cumin and the pinch of baking powder

5. “jijj” them around like they’re at a fairground, until they are pulverised into a gooey-doughy state. It’s ok, they love this ride.

6. Flour your counter and pull little bits of the mixture off, rolling them into little balls about 4cm diameter. Try to keep them the same size to prevent squabbling at the table ;)

(if the mix is quite moist you can add a little flour and jijj it round again this should fix it up)

7. Set them aside to rest for 20mins while you go pop some belly music on and dance around the house

8. Update your facebook status to read “resting my balls”

9. Heat a wide deep pan with some good quality oil about 1cm deep and very carefully lower the falafel balls in, watch them, turn them regularly until golden all over.

10. Carefully scoop out with a vented scoopey thing and place on kitchen paper towel to drain any excess oil.

11. Serve anyway you fancy. Hot or cold. On top of a refreshing green chopped salad is good or inside a halved wholemeal pitta with onion, lettuce and tomato. Tahini sauce or hot sauce are really good with falafel and really bring out the flavours and a pinch of salt and pepper never go a miss.

You can also use chopped coriander leaf and cayenne pepper added in the mixture. Yum!

How is it then??… Good I’ll bet!


Of course, you can also cheat and use a packet mix, faster but not so tasty if you ask me.

and you can also make a McFalafel, someone has kindly shared the recipe here

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