Bellydancingbarbie at Harvey Nichols

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on November 19th, 2012

Twenty minutes before my arranged arrival at the back door of this exclusive department store I had a phone call from the Harvey Nichols marketing manager to say I had a large crowd anticipating my arrival and with that I knew it was going to be an awesome gig…

I arrived incognito and gave the codeword to reception before being shown round. There were some lovely things back there including a staircase lined with gorgeous black and white photographs. Each and every member of staff. Like a family. A tribe. If you know me at all, you’ll know how much I liked this! I was treated to some fabulous hospitality and shown into one of the executives offices to change into costume. It was swelteringly hot in there so I didn’t need much of a warmup. I stood behind a security door, giving the signal that I was ready, my music began, the door swung open and there I was entertaining in the main mall of Harvey Nichols…

My appearance there drew a diverse crowd and as you can imagine a pretty big one at that! I danced entirely improvisation, my preference as ever in my solo performances. I work with the energy in the room, as the energy flows and shifts, so too does the dancing. The audience become one with the performance and a rapport is often felt.

I love nothing more than sharing the joy of bellydancing! I especially enjoy challenging stereotypes and awakening new ideas in a largely mainstream audience.

…Afterwards I was shopping for some lovely new Mac makeup. The girls at the counter were chatting with their clients very enthusiastically about “how amazing the bellydancer was” Being back in my civilian clothing, I just nodded in agreement “yeah”

That’s when you know you’ve fulfilled your role as a Professional Bellydancer!

Thoroughly enjoyed performing in Harvey Nichols, definitely on a par with performing at the Apple Store in Covent Garden!

Where next? Who knows!..

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