Music: Desert Groove

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on March 12th, 2010

Whilst on a recent, somewhat panicked, trip to Hilary’s Bazaar for something urgently needed for a gig!!, Miranda pointed out Hilary’s new music CD, ‘Desert Groove, Middle Eastern Rhythms’ – £9.95

Here Hilary Thacker has collaborated with Javier Villar to produce a music CD containing a whopping 24 tracks and running time of a whole hour!

Travelling home I pulled it out of my gold shopping bag and read the description on the back..

“Desert Groove is designed for both students of Middle Eastern percussion and dance alike. All the rhythms have been recorded live at different tempos on various Middle Eastern percussion.”

I then read the track listing of rhythms and gazed at the imagery with my eyes half open and imagined the sounds awaiting me when I got home.

On arrival home I decided to save the moment until I’d completed some outstanding work, this would be my reward. 4 days later I got my reward!

A good dance and a good listen.

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