Project Belly Dance

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on February 6th, 2011

I mentioned this over on Twitter a while ago, episode 3′s now up!

You can watch Episodes 1, 2 and 3 on their site here

It’s a good watch & demonstrates a variety of the different skills required of a top bellydancer today. I guess if you were to ask Joe Public what skills they think a Bellydancer of today requires the answer you’d get would be “well, they should be able to dance!” and that would, very likely, be that. Yeah, fine enough answer but today there’s so much more required than that.. Someone can be a beautiful performer & a mince teacher or vice versa, they can be technically skilled at each of these things but lack the creativity to set it alight or they may have all of these attributes and yet lack the charisma to really connect with people. This series, as well as being a competition and a pr stunt for Cheeky Girls DVD’s, might get you thinking of Bellydancers as a multi dimensional character or as I like to think if them as “multi faceted jewels”

As the Project Belly Dance series unfolds the group dynamic moves away from “women in competition with one another” and more towards one of “women working together to be the best they can be individually” I like this. I LOVE this in fact. For me that should remain the very essence of this dance. I believe competition is healthy if you are competing with yourself, to be the strongest you can be, in your mind and body.

…what are your thoughts?

As for their DVD’s, some are worth adding to your collection, Amazon’s a good place to check as you’ll be able to read some reviews before you buy, though people look for different things in a DVD so stay open minded. If you fancy refreshing your library at some point remember you’re welcome to do a trade at the start of class.

…what would you like to see in a DVD?

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