The Power of Group Dance: 3

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on March 21st, 2010

This was part of the promotions of the International Raqs Congress activities : The You Tube video does claim to be the worlds first bellydance flash mob though I actually thought this would have happened before now, what with the booming popularity of the dance so maybe take that with a pinch of salt I’d say.

A lovely piece with lots of variety and intrigue. Watch as the market goers grow suspicious, their eyes widen and then as they start to crowd round to enjoy the unexpected treat!

When I watched this for the first time I got a little wave of goosebumps travelling down my legs and I wished I was there joining in! I like the showcasing of many different styles within the one piece and I like the way the dancers, even when giving it their all, are still in the character of ‘this is just a normal day for us doing the things that we ladies do’ The piece sits in harmony with what, for me, bellydance is all about – it’s not about being judged or conforming – it’s about sharing the essence of you with the people of the community because you can and because you want to, because you see the delight in the faces of others and because it bonds you in a primal way unlike anything else you can explain. Well this is one of my thoughts anyway. What do you make of this movie?

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