The Bellydancer of the Apple iPhone 5 (4S) Launch

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on September 11th, 2011

So as I mentioned to some of you, I appear to have landed, quite possibly, thee most unusual gig EVER!

The iPhone 5 Experiment

The experiment basically involves Rob Shoesmith, regular guy with a brilliant PR mind, camping out for the launch of the new Apple iPhone. The twist here is that he wants to see just how much indirect marketing power an Apple launch carries, is it possible to camp out for a prolonged period of time in luxury and without spending any money?! This, to Rob’s sheer astonishment, has attracted HUGE attention from global brands all sponsoring his experiment, donating goods & services and of course global media attention in swarms! Any substantial non-perishable items are then being passed on to various charities at the end, good stuff!

Myself being what I refer to as an “Apple Core” and having been 4th in line to camp out at the Glasgow launch of the Apple iPad, naturally when I heard about Rob’s experiment I thought “hell yeah that’d be awesome fun” so I agreed to go entertain him and the crowd!

See Rob Shoesmith’s blog entry

So for this reason and more than ever before, I’m eagerly anticipating the launch of a new Apple product   …well that and also the fact that my current iPhone appears to be away with the goalie!

I’ll keep you posted on when I’m travelling down to London and if you wanna join me on this crazy ride just let me know.


Bellydancing “Geek-Chic” Barbie Xx.

(Yes, we take register on the 4th iPad sold in Scotland, I tried for 1st but the 3 guys in front got there an hour before us!)

Quick update:

Rob was just interviewed live on Al Jazeera news channel, broadcast to over 215 million people worldwide, absolutely delighted he thought to give me a mention! Will try to get hold of a link and post it up for you. How exciting!!! Really looking forward to it now! :)

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