Building A Bellydancingbarbie Team!

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on June 17th, 2013

You may recall that I posted an ad on here back in the spring for Summer Internships to build a Bellydancingbarbie Team!

The response was far greater than I could ever have imagined! The calibre of applicants was really high, the skill set varied and plentiful and I spent many an hour, ok several days actually, making my selections to compile a shortlist of applicants to invite to interview.

Interviews were held over a three week period and I thoroughly enjoyed the process, the echo of the BDB ethos and the enthusiasm that ripples outwards. On a personal level can I just say that I’m absolutely WOW’ed by your support for BDB, your passionate interest in joining me in what I do and your desire to help me ensure we can continue and progress this fabulous positive thing we got going on! Thank you to all who applied and to those who shared this opportunity with your friends.

In the end I didn’t find two suitable applicants - I found three!!

So over the coming months BDB Team members will be assisting me in shipping some goals and life long dreams. Helping us progress as a healthy and thriving women’s dance and wellbeing community. We’ll be bringing you a delightful plethora of exciting bellydance news, reviews, articles, events and more! …and of course, in true BDB fashion, we’ll be making history. This is the first specialised Bellydance Internship Programme ever to be offered!

I look forward to introducing you to the Bellydancingbarbie Team…


Lindsey Marie Silver
Managing Director


Adding some sparkle to your life!

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