Got a CV? I've got a vacancy!

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on June 1st, 2010

(Marilyn Monroe working at home photographed by Allan Grant. Ladies, note the barbell under the dresser!)

Anyone want a lil summer admin job paid in Bellydance lessons?

Seriously, I’m so busy I need a helper!!

You’d be helping me out a few hours a week with basic admin tasks, general help with the more exciting things like hire bookings, costuming stock and my own personal costuming etc. For every hour you help me I’ll give you a pass for an hour bellydance class, which usually costs £7. Plus you gain the unique experience and quirky job title of “Bellydancers Assistant” for the summer!

If you’re keen and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you be?! and you’re currently based in Edinburgh, preferably with a computer and some admin or related experience, send me an email with your CV attached and we’ll see what we can achieve together!


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