Meet The BDB Team | Introducing …Marysia!

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on June 23rd, 2013

All the way from a small town called Elk in North-East Poland, through capital Warsaw, with a couple of stops on her way, she came straight to Edinburgh. Here she discovered her passion for cultural festivals and her marketing skills. Here she did her first shimmies, omis and mayas.

Marysia is a recent graduate from Marketing with Festival and Event Management (MSc) at Edinburgh Napier University showing real passion for her profession. She has experience in administrating social media content for a live music venue, promoting various festivals and events and in managing volunteers and paid staff. Running busy festival life Marysia still has time for her other passions like travels, baking, looking after her friends’ cats and of course belly dancing.

Dance was always somehow present in Marysia’s life. As a child she went to ballroom classes and felt in love with tango and jive. However due to health problems she missed too many classes and left the course. She remembered watching dancers competing in tournaments at her primary school dreaming to spin in a beautiful dress one day. It was a challenge to build up the confidence to start dancing again, however she followed her dream.

She tried salsa, modern jazz, contemporary and contact improvisation however her true love she found in belly dancing. Beautiful music, discovering muscles you would never think of and first of all, feeling the connection with other women – all that made her fall in love with this ancient art of dance.

Belly dancing to Marysia means being within a community of amazing women, sharing their passion and time together. She is excited to join the Bellydancingbarbie team for this unique internship. She is looking forward to developing numerous skills from belly dancing to marketing and to have a great time with fabulous bellydancing women.

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