New Beginnings

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on June 25th, 2010

The time has arrived..

I have just completed two years of Health, Fitness & Exercise study at Stevenson College Edinburgh. I achieved an overall grade ‘A’ scoring 95/100 marks in my graded unit for which I conducted, quite possibly, the world’s first research study into motor skill acquisition through the medium of Bellydance. Throughout the entire two years I gave the course my absolute all to achieve the high standards I set for myself. I consistently produced work scoring 90%+ in assessments.  I wanted to push myself for my own satisfaction and to deepen my theoretical learning and the practical application of the work. I wanted not just to know how to do something but also to be able to understand and explain the reasoning behind it. This approach leads to a much richer life experience and I believe, is one of the fundamental things that makes a superior health and fitness professional and indeed Bellydance teacher!

During the first year of the course I ran the gym at the college and used to work there during my lunch break and then later in the evening before catching the bus home to eat and settle down to several hours of study and working on this fabulous website. Planning and delivering Bellydance was my joy during the week, delivering classes at the Aditi Yoga Centre and Heriot Watt University. In year two with increased demands of study and wonderfully with bellydance bookings on the up, I took a decision to leave the gym. It was a tough decision as the clients were lovely and it was really rewarding working with them and seeing them reaching their goals. A wonderful opportunity, somewhat novel to be both student and staff and it sure gained me respect!

I am now qualified as a health and fitness instructor and can offer anything from fitness testing and training programmes right through to nutritional assessments and pregnancy exercise!

In the last few months I’ve been inundated and loving it! Utter madness!! and my happy feet have hardly touched the ground with dancing performances for charities and community groups, private hire bookings for lucky hens and birthday bashes, press interviews & photoshoots, presentations for business and bellydance, pre & post natal sessions, delivering nutritional & fitness assessments, writing training programmes, pampering massage clients, planning and booking in new August bellydance classes and writing a world first Bellydance study, not to mention my little sisters 18th Birthday, hearing her sing.. in a band.. live.. for literally hundreds of people and then her prom night!! (I am proud big sister, can you tell?!)

I’m thoroughly looking forward to embracing my new role as full time, health and fitness qualified, Bellydance performer & teacher! Furthering my own study of all things Middle Eastern Oriental Bellydance, delivering quality bespoke bellydance entertainment services, fabulously glamourous, fun lessons and sharing the journey of knowledge & experiences with you here on my website!

The time is now…

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