Spring Forward! – New Term, New Venue…

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on March 22nd, 2013


I’m very excited to share with you the news that this spring we’ll be moving our regular classes to a new venue. A venue which is almost as fabulous as we are!*

I took the decision some time ago to move our classes to a new venue after a series of recurrent issues at The Studio Below in Tollcross. I put right what I could however many issues remained out with my control. The Studio Below was originally part of a fitness centre that operated at the premises next door. When the hairdressers took over the lease they also took on this basement studio, primarily for their own in-house training and secondary to utilise as a privately hireable space. Bellydancingbarbie has held very successful classes at The Studio Below for over 3 years now but unfortunately as the hair salon upstairs has gradually become busier, the standard and care of The Studio Below has dropped and it seems so has the ceiling! I don’t doubt that at some point the company will rectify these issues but I feel we deserve a venue which matches the quality, positivity and enjoyment of our classes together, so it’s time for a change up!

Whilst searching for a new venue to house our Tollcross classes I received shock news that our other regular class venue of 1 year, Edinburgh Studios in Leith, would be closing. This is a very recent development, much to the distress of the current proprietor. This venue is now to operate under new management. Calling on my experience in this industry I’ve taken the decision not to currently use this venue.

We might seek to use these large multipurpose studios for one off workshops, rehearsals and events but for our regular classes I feel we deserve this positive change because we are unique and we are fabulous and because we are definitely worth it!!

I’m delighted to announce that after many weeks of intensive searching and viewing, as of the second week in April all Bellydancingbarbie spring term classes will be held at:

Somewhere with friendly reception staff to greet and assist you. A unique studio space with warmth, soul and community. Formerly the Bristo Yoga School, Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh opened it’s new doors next to the meadows in just January of this year.

I have booked us into the rather gorgeous and sophisticated “Sun Studio” which has views out over the meadows. We shall have 3, smaller, more exclusive classes running per week and as ever there will be an abundance of joy, colour, smiles and shimmies!

Booking is now open over on the Learn page of our website for our new spring classes. I recommend block booking your space now as once it’s full, it really is full! Those with existing 8 Class Passes should contact me to check there is still a space to reserve. Please note, Drop-Ins spaces may not be available but if any exist these will be made visible on the Learn page class listings from week 2 of term. You will notice a necessary price increase which I have kept as modest as possible. I trust you  will view this as acceptable in return for the more enjoyable, tailored experience it will provide.

Thank you up to the moon and back for joining me in our previous venues, I look forward to dancing with you in The Sun Studio at Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh and to hearing your open feedback of our exciting new change up!

…If you’re just joining our journey, welcome, your right on time!

Shimmies and exciting times,

Lindsey Marié Silver

* the only thing this venue doesn’t currently have is mirrors but nobody’s perfect right!

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