Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on March 14th, 2010

My mum is and has always, I guess, been my most true friend and my greatest inspiration. As a kid I was always struck by the way she carried herself, she didn’t so much walk but more like glide into a room, with a radiant presence. My mum is one of these women who has natural class and sophistication you see, yet she, like many other women, remains quite unaware of this.

I always wanted my hair really long, mum used to ‘rag’ my hair at night and when we took it out in the morning to would be all gorgeous little ringlet curls. I think I pinched her make up one time and turned out to be allergic and had to go to the eye pavillion but I don’t really remember that too well. Mum used to do activities with us, my brother and I, lots of them. We used to play with playdough. We had a round glass dining table and we used poster paints on it one time to do some art for Dad coming home from work. I loved check out tills when I was young and my mum made me an entire ‘scoop shop’ with little jars of dried pasta in and a mini set of scales and of course a till, all handmade. When we got a microwave for the first time, WOOO, we attempted to make flapjacks in it, well it came with a recipe book, something went wrong and they exploded all over the inside, so it was back to traditional methods with me sitting up on the worktop and us singing “Ali, Ballet, Ali, Ballet Bee, sittin on ma mammys knee, greetin for a wee bobbie, tae buy some cooters candie” There was one year we couldn’t eat the strawberries in the garden, dunno why?  and I think I must have watched mum making soups hence I love making soups? Did I? She had long nails that made me curious and when cuddling on the sofa I used to put my fingers underneath them. I later discovered she couldn’t stand this but she never let on at the time haha! We have a standing egg gag. So whenever she used to make us a boiled egg and soldiers we would eat them and then turn the egg shell upside down and ‘do a trick’ pretending we had made an egg for her. She would break open the shell to find nothing inside and then we all act really puzzled. Her reaction was amazing each time. She did start to tire of it in the middle years I think but I called her on Friday and since I had just eaten a boiled egg I offered to open it for her, hahaha still a very funny joke. We love it.

In the more recent past when her health was ok so when she could have died, my mum has proven herself to be the strongest person I know, the most resilient and enduring, the most selfless and caring.

She is there in any situation and can highlight things I may not have immediately thought about. Her intuition must surely always be switched on! We enjoy each others, admittedly very silly, humour and have to say goodbye for at least 10 minutes.

I have come to realise in these last few years that I am a product of love and caring, that my parents have dedicated their entire adult lives to nurturing my development, and that of my brother and sister, in equal amounts. This devotion was threefold and when I think about that it blows my mind and then it makes me a little teary eyed.

My parents are my role models and my mum is my heroine.

Happy Mothers Day MUM.


Lindsey Xx.

  • “Heroine: a women admired for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities
  • hero (male) and heroine (female) came to refer to characters who, in the face ofdanger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for self-sacrifice – that is, heroism – for some greater good, originally of martial courage or excellence but extended to more general moral excellence.
  • In mythology or folklore, a woman of superhuman qualities or semidevine origin, in particular one whose dealings with the gods where the subject of ancient Greek myths or legend”
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