Happy World Bellydance Day!

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It’s my belief that our movements send out vibrations that extend beyond our physical boundaries. They connect us with each other in a way no speech ever could. The language of movement is universal and the dialect of the shimmy welcomes all. Belly Dance is a way of being, of coming together, a nourishing of your body, mind and soul. It’s who you are now and who you will be in your future. It’s the beauty of rhythm, emotion, feeling and character expressed in a visual which fulfils both primal nature and modern sophistication.

Bellydance is amazing. Btw.

Happy World Bellydance Day to all my BDB Girls and Shimmy Sisters wherever you are in the world, we are all together.

Summer Term Of Belly Dancing Classes in Edinburgh

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Your feedback on the Sun Studio at Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh has been incredibly positive and our classes there feel harmonious, wholesome, sophisticated and as sociable as ever! Spring has been a very well attended term and it’s glorious to leave class feeling warmed, revitalised and with spotlessly clean feet! You all love the look of the centre, the smell and have commented on enjoying added flexibility gained through the extra warmth. Kyle, our receptionist is an absolute hero and so friendly & helpful, he rounds off a fabulous evening of bellydancing every time! So, naturally, I’ve booked us in for another term!…

I’ve managed to secure the same time slots and you can expect all the good shimmies and moves you love …and LOTS of sensational new ones too! I’ve been gifted a designated space in the centre to store some kit including a plug-in fan which I intend to get and over the summer I was thinking to store our picnic rug there and our awesome portable WiFi Boombox for pre and post class get togethers at the meadows!

Ladies, our Summer term of Belly Dancing Classes in Edinburgh is now live for booking over on the LEARN page! It’s a 6 week term running Tuesday 4th June to Thursday 11th July and it’s going to be FANTASTIC!!

Tuesday’s | 7.15-8.15pm | at Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh, EH9 1JT
BellyBasics™ | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility
6 Classes £43 |  ★FULLY BOOKED★
Tuesday’s | 8:30-9:30pm | at Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh, EH9 1JT
BellyDance™ | Layering, choreographies & improvisation
Best for: Learning, styling, confidence, expression
6 Classes £43 |  1 SPACE REMAINING*
Thursday’s | 7:15-8:15pm | at Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh, EH9 1JT
BellyJam™ | Energising aerobic bellydance class!
Best for: Fitness, toning, calorie burning, flexibility, energy
6 Classes £37 |  ★FULLY BOOKED

I MUST WARN: Within a matter of hours & before I’d even properly spread the word 11 SPACES WERE GONE so I imagine this term will book up very quickly too (the last term took only 3 days to be fully booked) so please act F-A-S-T if you’d like to join us for summertime shimmies beside the meadows!

If you have an existing flexible 8 class pass you’d like to attend with you must now contact me so that I can reserve spaces for you. This does not guarantee your space (unless I have specifically told you otherwise) however it gives you priority over Drop-Ins. Drop-In spaces, should they be available, will be calculated and posted up on week 2 of term at individual cost per class of £9 BellyBasics, BellyDance|£7 BellyJam.

If there’s anything at all I can help you with you can email me or text and I’ll do my best to respond straight away.

★ I also have some other very exciting news coming soon so stay tuned for that…

Looking forward to a sparkling summer of shimmies, wellbeing & excitement,

Lindsey Marie Silver


07853 197 964

* Spaces correct as at 20:44 on Wed 15th May

Surprise surprise!

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ITV have asked me to pass this on to you all so here it is…


My name is Jack and I am an Assistant on the ITV series Surprise Surprise and as part of the next series we are hoping to say thank you and fulfil wishes by surprising more deserving people across the UK, including those who may have done something extraordinary.

I wondered if you would be able to circulate this email with our attached flyer/ poster that has our details to the employees/ volunteers of your organisation. If anyone would like to nominate someone they have come into contact with through the work of  your organisation who they think is deserving of a special surprise then we would love to hear from them. Maybe someone who has gone an extra mile or someone who has worked tirelessly for the organisation despite facing problems of their own. We are looking for people who have put others first despite facing adversity themselves.

If anyone would like to make a nomination then I have attached an application form – ideally we need these returned to surprisesurprise2@itv.com within the next month.

As you can understand there is no guarantee that you, or your nominee, will appear on the show, but it would be great to know if you would like to nominate someone so that we can find out a bit more about them as soon as possible.

The application process is subject to the Programme Recruitment Terms and Conditions at:


I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the show further with you so if this interests you then please feel free to get in touch via email or give us a call on 0207 157 ****.


The Surprise Surprise Team


So there you go!

….I actually have a few surprise surprise moments coming up for you in the next few months but they’ll need to remain a secret for now! ;)


Protected: BellyBasics | 7.15pm | Spring 2013 | Week 1

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This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Classes Are Now Fully Booked

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All classes in our spring term are now:

Well done to everyone who moved fast and block booked their spaces!

If you didn’t manage to secure a space keep a look out for one off Drop-In spaces which may become available due to holidays etc. Check back frequently for news, events, chat and details of our summer term…

In the meantime there’s also the option to have BDB deliver private tutorials for you and up to 2 others. Private sessions can be delivered in the comfort of your own home or in a city centre studio. These can be completely tailored to your learning and interests and are without a doubt one of the quickest ways to develop dancing technique, style & fitness. Discounts are available to BDB girls who have attended regular classes before and are booking a block of sessions in advance. Diary space currently available on Mondays, Wednesdays & Sundays. Check out the “Dance/Fitness Instructor” tab on the Hire page and send through an enquiry form.

Looking forward to dancing with you all soon and in the future…

As ever, any questions just ask…

Shimmies & sunshine,

Bellydancingbarbie Xx.


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Tuesday’s | 7.15-8.15pm | at Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh, EH9 1JT
BellyBasics™ | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility
6 Classes £43 | ★ FULLY BOOKED ★
Tuesday’s | 8:30-9:30pm | at Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh, EH9 1JT
BellyDance™ | Layering, choreographies & improvisation
Best for: Learning, styling, confidence, expression
6 Classes £43 | 1 SPACE REMAINING
Thursday’s | 7:15-8:15pm | at Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh, EH9 1JT
BellyJam™ | Energising aerobic bellydance class!
Best for: Fitness, toning, calorie burning, flexibility, energy
6 Classes £37 | ★ FULLY BOOKED ★

I expect these three spaces will fill up within the next couple of days so if you want to make one of them To make it yours you best be quick! Secure your space over on the Learn page now.

If you have an existing Class Pass you wish to use this term this is your final opportunity to contact me to reserve a space. Once it’s full, it’s full! I don’t anticipate there being any Drop-In spaces this term but should any become available these will be posted up on the Learn page if there’s notice or on social media sites on the day if it’s at shorter notice. Class Pass holders have priority over those who do not.

I’m already receiving a large number of enquiries for our summer term and going forward I’m considering opening up a waiting list. I’ll let you know if I indeed do decide to do that and will be sure to give notice so as to give everyone a fair chance at being as high up the list as possible.

Looking forward to dancing with you all very soon and in the future!

Shimmies & exciting times :) Xx.

Congratulations to BDB girls Lisa & Amy!

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 The girls formed a duet & created this choreography within a week to enter the Miss Fabulous Bellydance competition.

This was only the second time either has performed and they very deservedly won third place!

To see how the piece ends and hear the audience ROAR with applause …well, you might just have to be there for their third ever performance! ;)


Stay tuned to follow Lisa & Amy’s adventures in performance or join them in our class troupe The Mala’ikah Project.

Edinburgh’s Most Exclusive Belly Dancing Classes

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If you’re yet to join a BDB class here are some of the reasons they’re considered by many as Edinburgh’s most exclusive belly dancing classes…

  • Ideal class sizes for your maximum progression and personal experience
  • Facilitated by Edinburgh’s only full-time bellydance performer, teacher and health & fitness professional. Fully trained and qualified with over 12 years of experience and fresh, fun, innovative methods
  • Level of every class is adapted to ensure all participants are both comfortable & continuing to progress
  • All moves broken down in both layman terms and underpinning anatomical, physiological and biomechanical technique, explaining the movement pattern and individual muscle actions – not only how to produce the movement but also how an individual can improve its quality.
  • Body alignment, posture, tension and breathing technique covered in all teachings
  • Effective warm up & cool down provided in each session – crucial for physical maintenance & progression
  • All styles & aspects of “bellydancing” and middle eastern dance covered in depth, according to group interests, including for example:

~ Oriental Bellydance; Classical & cabaret – Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Greek & American
~ Fusion Bellydance; American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion and Industrial Tribal Fusion.
~ Traditional & folk; Baladi, Saidi, Sha’abi, Zaar etc and various gypsy & goddess ritual dances
~ Dancing with props such as; veils, canes and finger cymbals
~ Musicality with drumming patterns, rhythm knowledge and identification
~ Historical and cultural significance
~ Choreography & improvisation; taught pieces and how to improve & create your own
~ Developing performance skills

  • Access to after class learning materials
  • Stylish & unique new studio space located on Edinburgh’s famous park “The Meadows”
  • Reception staff to sign in and assist you – ensuring you receive a full 1 hour lesson
  • Underfloor heating and high quality Sonos wireless sound system
  • Spacious changing area with shower facilities
  • Health and wellbeing shop to browse with after class refreshments available
  • Instant group of like minded new friends, community with invitations to social events
  • Opportunities to join an amateur performing troupe or progress beyond
  • Exciting & glamorous high profile performance opportunities for those who seek them

BDB is a well known and admired identity, of growing influence in the bellydance world

There are currently only 4 spaces remaining on our spring term which starts Tuesday 9th April. If you’d like to join us you can book your space over on the Learn page while there’s still space!

If you’ve missed out this term check back for news of our summer term and be ready to book quickly as spaces are now quite sought after!

Summer Internships ~ BDB Is Recruiting!

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An exciting opportunity has arisen to do something really exciting this summer whilst gaining valuable experience and being paid in Bellydance lessons! Interested?..

I thought you might be!..


You will work individually, communicating with the mothership via the wonders of new-fangled technology and at times meet to work within a small team, probably whilst eating cake, although cake will be optional. This will be a great fun position which will also challenge you in many new ways.

You’ll be helping out Bellydancingbarbie, initially 3 hours per week, at times which suit you, assisting in a variety of behind the scenes tasks including exciting promotional and marketing projects, producing social media content, blog writing, researching articles and collating data, occasionally answering email enquiries, community event coordination with The Mala’ikah Project, listing costuming stock, typing and general administration. You will have some creative input and be allowed to be yourself!


Being a very special person who’s enthusiasm, energy and motivation inspires others, you have a magnetic quality and a natural creativity. You’ll ideally have a very keen enjoyment of all aspects of Bellydance and a strong foundation of knowledge from which to build on. An active experience of social media platforms is desirable. Experience within an admin, pr, marketing, writing or events background would be beneficial but is not essential. You should be based in Edinburgh, Scotland and have access to a fast internet connection. Having an understanding of the Bellydancingbarbie ethos and a desire to build on this will be considered more highly than any other factor.


  • For every 1 hour you help out you’ll receive a credit for a 1 hour timetabled bellydancing lesson (value £9 each, no expiry)
  • Valuable experience & rare opportunity to join a community focussed micro social enterprise business
  • Reference for future potential employers
  • Earn the quirky and unique title “Bellydance Assistant” for the summer!


Send a CV and short covering letter to info@bellydancingbarbie.com stating what you can bring to Bellydancingbarbie.

Feel free to include details of any  Twitter, Facebook or blog pages you admin and would like to highlight to help show your style & personality and anything else you think relevant.

2 positions are available. 1x oriental bellydance enthusiast, 1x tribal bellydance enthusiast. The closing date is 12pm Monday 22nd April 2013. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted via email and invited for a coffee and a chat. If the ideal person doesn’t apply, the position may remain open.

Back in 2010 Bellydancingbarbie ran a similar, very successful, summer internship, you can see that from the archive HERE

Should you have any questions just ask, you may be the exact person I’m looking for!

“Leaders breed leaders and success breeds success”

Lindsey Marie Silver