Spring Forward! – New Term, New Venue…

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I’m very excited to share with you the news that this spring we’ll be moving our regular classes to a new venue. A venue which is almost as fabulous as we are!*

I took the decision some time ago to move our classes to a new venue after a series of recurrent issues at The Studio Below in Tollcross. I put right what I could however many issues remained out with my control. The Studio Below was originally part of a fitness centre that operated at the premises next door. When the hairdressers took over the lease they also took on this basement studio, primarily for their own in-house training and secondary to utilise as a privately hireable space. Bellydancingbarbie has held very successful classes at The Studio Below for over 3 years now but unfortunately as the hair salon upstairs has gradually become busier, the standard and care of The Studio Below has dropped and it seems so has the ceiling! I don’t doubt that at some point the company will rectify these issues but I feel we deserve a venue which matches the quality, positivity and enjoyment of our classes together, so it’s time for a change up!

Whilst searching for a new venue to house our Tollcross classes I received shock news that our other regular class venue of 1 year, Edinburgh Studios in Leith, would be closing. This is a very recent development, much to the distress of the current proprietor. This venue is now to operate under new management. Calling on my experience in this industry I’ve taken the decision not to currently use this venue.

We might seek to use these large multipurpose studios for one off workshops, rehearsals and events but for our regular classes I feel we deserve this positive change because we are unique and we are fabulous and because we are definitely worth it!!

I’m delighted to announce that after many weeks of intensive searching and viewing, as of the second week in April all Bellydancingbarbie spring term classes will be held at:

Somewhere with friendly reception staff to greet and assist you. A unique studio space with warmth, soul and community. Formerly the Bristo Yoga School, Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh opened it’s new doors next to the meadows in just January of this year.

I have booked us into the rather gorgeous and sophisticated “Sun Studio” which has views out over the meadows. We shall have 3, smaller, more exclusive classes running per week and as ever there will be an abundance of joy, colour, smiles and shimmies!

Booking is now open over on the Learn page of our website for our new spring classes. I recommend block booking your space now as once it’s full, it really is full! Those with existing 8 Class Passes should contact me to check there is still a space to reserve. Please note, Drop-Ins spaces may not be available but if any exist these will be made visible on the Learn page class listings from week 2 of term. You will notice a necessary price increase which I have kept as modest as possible. I trust you  will view this as acceptable in return for the more enjoyable, tailored experience it will provide.

Thank you up to the moon and back for joining me in our previous venues, I look forward to dancing with you in The Sun Studio at Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh and to hearing your open feedback of our exciting new change up!

…If you’re just joining our journey, welcome, your right on time!

Shimmies and exciting times,

Lindsey Marié Silver

* the only thing this venue doesn’t currently have is mirrors but nobody’s perfect right!

Without change there’d be no butterflies

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If it’s appeared a little quieter on here lately that’s because I have been very busy in all other aspects of BDB.

Although you might not be aware of this right now, Bellydancingbarbie is growing, improving, redefining and changing.

At the turn of the year I could sense this would be a great year for us and indeed I was correct, all will be revealed in the fullness of time…

I look forward to sharing the most colourful and patterned future with you!


New Term of Bellydancing Classes

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I know you are all very keen to get booking for our next term of classes! This is fabulous news. ‘more, more’ ‘..I’m totally hooked’ ‘it’s so powerful & positive’ are the chants I’m hearing! I can’t tell you how delighted I am to hear how much you enjoy our classes together and want to try others! I agree, there is something truly magical about our Bellydancing Classes :)

So, it’s taking a little longer than usual to organise new term dates and book in with studios but please know that as soon as dates are confirmed they will be added to the Learn page for booking and announcements made here on the Chat page, then in a group email to those on my list and then on social media sites Facebook, twitter & google+ No bookings will be taken prior to going live on the website but stay tuned as based on the number of enquiries I’ve had for this term I expect spaces will book up quite quickly!

At time of writing we are currently in the final week of our new year term. Tuesday classes, BellyBasics & BellyDance, have one remaining class on 12th March and drop-in spaces may be available if you’d like to join us!

Private tuition is also available in studio or the comfort of your own home, see the Hire page for details.

To be continued…


Miss Fabulous Bellydance Competition

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“Miss Fabulous Bellydance” competition has been set up by Celia Buchan of Borders Arabic Dance. Intended to be a fun and friendly full day event which celebrates the talent of amateur Bellydancers in our area and beyond. The atmosphere for participants will be supportive & positive and for spectators, an exciting showcase of the diversity of Bellydance here in Scotland.

There will also be an after party at the rugby club next door with a handful of performances from guest professional bellydancers.

BDB girls have exactly the positive attributes and fabulousness this event is seeking out, you should consider entering. Remember, talent shouldn’t be measured in time or experience but in passion and charisma! …and besides, you know exactly how loudly and wildly the rest of us girls will interact with your performance!! ..Go crazy, have fun!

If you fancy applying let me know and I’ll get an application form to you. I can’t choose your music or your choreography (if you’re dancing a choreography) but I can give you all the love and support you desire and constructive feedback should you wish for it. You could win this! …you can also enter as a group of up to 6 people…

Entry & audience tickets can be purchased at www.bordersarabicdance.weebly.com or by contacting Celia on celiadance@talktalk.net  I’ve already blocked out the day in my diary and am looking forward to it. I imagine a group of us will head through and once I have an idea of numbers I’ll look to organising travel in the form of car sharing or buses. It’ll be a great day out, come join us!

You can read a little about my views on competition in Bellydance in this post about Project Bellydance

Discuss in the comments thread below…

Improv in the studio with Veilwork & Spinning

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Some footage of Bellydancingbarbie improvising in the studio to two different tracks.

The first, a fun mashup of Shakira’s “Shewolf” with egyptian music and the second, for my parents who gave me a heart and filled it with love.

It’s by no means the best footage ever but I liked the flow and on a personal level it documents my steady recovery from a mystery illness which has baffled Cambridge medical scientists (and subsequently led to us having dinner with Stephen Hawkin!!) but that’s another story…

Did you know, in sports psychology, “Flow” is the name given to the phenomenon that is the passage of time when it feels like no time has passed at all! This is apparently what happened in BellyDance class this week whilst we were learning how to dance with double veils. Of course, in class we now refer to this phenomenon as “veilwarp” So in fact, there’s some grounding in the saying “time fly’s when you’re having fun”


Veil piece with spinning from 3.40

Enjoy! x

BellyJam | The Elixirs of Life

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You’ll hear a lot of crap these days of products, supplements, diets, regimes, exercise fads, “5 foods to never eat” etc all promising the world and delivering nothing. Worse still, many of these actually worsen your condition. Why? For the sole reason that the company behind them care about your money and not about your health and fitness.

So here’s the deal.

You attend BellyJam class, I change up your health & fitness to be the best it possibly can be, in the safest, simplest way and without breaking the bank. You feel great, you look great, people compliment you and I feel satisfied in myself knowing you’re happier and healthier in yourself.

In next week’s BellyJam handout I’ll be sharing with you one of my “elixirs of life”

In advance of this and assuming you want to be the best version of yourself, buy yourself some apple cider vinegar (organic, unpasturised, unfiltered are best) and a good quality honey.

If you have a medical condition, maybe you’re a coeliac for example, you may also wish to run both of these ingredients by your doctor for ingestion in small dilute quantities.

Any questions, advice or help tracking these down just ask.

The handout will reveal a recipe which, when coupled with BellyJam sessions, will revolutionise your health & fitness.

See you in class, aiwaa…

Lindsey Xx.

Belly Dancing in 2013

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belly dancing classes in edinburgh city centre

2012 was a tremendous year for us BDB girls! We shared many, many moments of bellydance fun, fitness & friendship and I’m delighted to say that our belly dancing in 2013 is going to be even more fabulous!

I know this to be the case based on a few things:

Firstly, my transition into this year.. My first belly dancer hire gig of 2013 was only 15mins into the year! Booked at 11.20pm on new years eve for a performance at 12.15am. I could have just turned it down and carried on with my planned evening at Edinburgh Castle. I didn’t of course, these were repeat clients, I’d performed at their Come Dine With Me evening a while back and they’re a particularly lovely couple. I’d met Turkish girl, Rose, at Stevenson College as few years previously and knowing the cultural significance of a Bellydancer bringing good luck, how could I turn them down? It would be an honour! So I grabbed my kit, jumped in a taxi and arrived on the other side of town at 11.55pm. I caught a glimpse of fireworks on Portobello beach before heading indoors to prep. I gave a fabulous and sparkling performance set for the audience which was made up of their family and friends. I danced a little longer since it was literally new year and well, why not! Everyone enjoyed participating and the clapping & cheering reached a crescendo for my final performance piece. I was dancing very well, even by my own self critical standards and then, for the first time in my career, the clasp on my bra BURST OPEN and I swiftly grabbed hold of my modesty! Very successfully and unbelievably gracefully! Even I was impressed! 2013 -“unlucky for some” I thought but not for me, I was wearing “the ladybird of good luck” No, this could mean only one thing… Belly Dancing in 2013 was going to be crazy, wild and fabulous!!

Secondly, vision. I have a clear vision for our future, as both a dance school and an empowering women’s group and I know exactly what it’ll take to realise that vision. If you’ve been with Bellydancingbarbie for a while now you’ll understand that we share something unique, more than just a dance class. We have a positive mindset, a lifestyle and a way of being. It’s difficult to pin down in words, even for me but I know it’s something that has the potential to make a very real, positive impact in people’s lives. It already has. Just as it did for women thousands of years ago. Yes, there have been times in the past when I’ve spent my savings to cover costs of low attended classes, times I’ve worked 24hrs straight on content, admin, advertising, book keeping, buying, customer service etc etc and even now I rarely take a day off. I have no payday, no luxury of sick days and I claim no grants or assistance from the government. This is a one woman social enterprise business, what I have is passion, love, purpose and vision. I’m on a mission. I found my calling, or rather it found me! I didn’t choose my stage name, it chose me! Behind the pretty pink chiffon and sparkling gem stones, Bellydancingbarbie has an ambitious vision.

“Your aim should not be to live forever, your aim should be to create something which does”

Thirdly, things like these; Bellydancingbarbie has been nominated for an award, I’m organising us fresh new events and researching new projects. There are more high profile gigs in the pipeline. Our class troupe will be performing at lots of community events. I’m continually working to create new opportunities. If there’s something you’d like to see us BDB girls do this year, let me know, I’ll set my heart on it for you and together we can make it happen.

…finally, I know this will be an even more fabulous year for us because I’m launching 3 new concept classes. BellyMummas, BellyBubbas and BellyStretch.

2013  - Let’s fill the new year with fabulousness!

ps. Towera, I had to photoshop your cardigan a little bit to fit these 2 pics together, hope you don’t mind! Also, I thought of you on new years, ha! :D

BellyJam™ | Belly Dance Fitness Classes in Edinburgh

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BellyJam | Belly Dance Fitness Classes Edinburgh

Having enjoyed 2 years of success so far as one of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets, BellyJam is growing as more women in Edinburgh benefit from the professional fitness expertise of its founder, Lindsey Marie Silver, fulltime Professional Bellydancer and Qualified Health & Fitness Instructor. Previous to launching BellyJam back in 2010 Lindsey was employed by Stevenson College managing the gym and delivering professional fitness training to both the college students & staff. Lindsey is also fully insured and an advanced first aider so you’re in very safe hands!

BellyJam is held in large, mirrored city centre studios & class sizes are kept small to further ensure you get the best out of your sessions.

★★★★★ – Qype
“I’m one of the laziest people on the planet but I really enjoy the BellyJam classes. Lindsey’s enthusiasm is infectious and her encouragement keeps you going so you get a fantastic sweat-inducing work out without being completely knackered by the end. She also ensures you get a proper cool-down and stretch afterwards so although you feel like you’re going to hurt the next day you never do. Fabulous and great fun.”

★★★★★ – Qype
“To anybody who thinks bellydancing is not for them!Just come and see yourself how much fun we are all haveing!I just love Bellydancing and Bellyjam cause is more than just a class.I feel these classes give me very good energy, self-confidence, new friends and I am burning calories in a very fun way!:)Lindsey is the happiest person on earth! She always makes me smile!:)Love it, love it ,love it!”

Book your spaces over on the Learn page now…

BellyJam ~ who needs the Gym when you can Jam!

New Term of Bellydancing Classes!

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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Year celebration! :)

But if you feel you’ve stiffened up, need a bit of a boost, eaten 1 or 2 too many mince pies or nibbled your way through a kilo of cheese, biscuits and chocolate then good news everyone… BELLY DANCING CLASSES START NEXT WEEK!

As of next week you can have fun getting toned with BellyBasics, energised with BellyJam & creative with BellyDance …not to mention every other health benefit of Bellydancing! It ticks all the boxes and then some, see my article The Health Benefits of Bellydancing and also the Wikipedia Belly Dance page (yes that appears to be me on there! :)


Here’s the January to March class line up…

BellyJam™ | Energising bellydance aerobics class!
Best for: Fitness, toning, calorie burning, flexibility, energy
Monday’s 14th Jan-4th Mar | 8.00-9.00pm
at Edinburgh Studios, 19 Arthur Street, Leith
8 Classes £40 | **Limited spaces remaining**
BellyBasics™ | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility, fun
Tuesday’s 15th Jan-5th Mar | 7.00-8.00pm
at The Studio Below, Medusa, 26 Bread Street, Tollcross
8 Classes £50 | **FULLY BOOKED**
BellyDance™ | Choreographies & Improvisation
Best for: Learning, styling, confidence, expression, fun
Tuesday’s 15th Jan-5th Mar | 8.15-9.15pm
at The Studio Below, Medusa, 26 Bread Street, Tollcross
8 Classes £50 | **Limited spaces remaining**
BellyBasics™ | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility, fun
Wednesday’s 16th Jan-6th Mar | 7.00-8.00pm
at Edinburgh Studios, 19 Arthur Street, Leith
8 Classes £50 | **Limited spaces remaining**
BellyJam™ | Energising bellydance aerobics class!
Best for: Fitness, toning, calorie burning, flexibility, energy
Thursday’s 17th Jan-7th Mar | 7.15-8.15pm
at The Studio Below, Medusa, 26 Bread Street, Tollcross
8 Classes £40 | **ONLY 1 SPACE REMAINING**
Valentine’s Workshop | 2 hours of sensuous bellydance techniques
Saturday 9th February 2013 | 1.00-3.00pm
at Edinburgh Studios,  19 Arthur Street, Leith
Save the date | Details & booking to follow


I strongly recommend booking your spaces through the website now as with only a few days to go some classes are filling up fast!

PLEASE NOTE: Priority goes to those who block book through the Learn page, second priority goes to those attending with a flexible 8 class pass and finally any remaining spaces will be offered as drop-ins from week 2 of term on a first come first served basis. Any classes which have less than 4 people block booked on the term will not run.

Spread the word & get booking, 2013 is going to be the best year yet,

…see you next week, AIWAAAAA!


Two thousand and thirteen shimmies,

Lindsey Xx.