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I’ve been invited to London again on business. Again dance and tech related!


Previously I’ve taken timeout to perform at an Apple product launch and meeting Philip Schofield. You can read about those HERE This time I’m attending an invite-only Nintendo video gaming event at which I’ll be doing a spot of presenting and various other exciting new things!

WiiU Fit Meter

You may have seen me wearing a little device on my hip over the last year or so. It’s a WiiU Fit Meter and it collects all my shimmy and fitness data, stores them on the device and then I can sync them up to the WiiU Fitness game via the console itself. As someone with a rather specific “sports” usage and the fitness stats of an elite athlete, I’ve been testing the device to ascertain it’s abilities and limitations.

just dance 2015I’ve recently joined the team at SmallFryUnify (our neighbours at Little Egypt) and will be presenting occasionally (in my spare time, lol) on their new live interactive show “Games Lounge”, assuming it receives all the funding it deserves over on community funding platform Kickstarter. On the live Games Lounge show I will share with everyone first hand experiences of new dance, fitness and training games prior to their release …oh and my love of Animal Crossing! Do you know 4 years ago I held the worlds first virtual bellydance workshop & hafla on Animal Crossing??!!!

Anyways… find out more about the SmallFryUnify studio’s Games Lounge project HERE and please consider pledging towards it’s target because not only is it pretty awesome in it’s own right, it also means that over at Little Egypt we can get to work on some great new projects with access to new-fangled tech and equipment!

Whilst my fit meter gadget & I are away at this event I may be unable to answer your enquiries so I’ll pick them up on Monday. Whilst away I shall however, be live tweeting from the event, so you can expect lots of nonsense like “Itsa me Lindsey Mario…” to show up on your Twitter feed!

Stay crazy!


BellyFusion Class with Tribal Tigerlily

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Tribal Fusion creatively combines bellydance with one or more other dance genres whilst some of it’s movements are completely unique! Highly stylised costumery and a good helping of mystery are the cherry-on-top of a truly mesmerising evolving art form.

Tigerlily has just returned from the very prestigious “Tribal Fest” in California with a whole load of new content to share with y’all!!

Her new 4 week term of BellyFusion starts tomorrow and surprisingly there’s still some spaces left!

It’s open to beginners+ and at £29 why not secure your space to join the fun? You can book on the class HERE 

This is one of Tigerlily’s group performances on the Tribal Fest 14 stage. Can you spot her?

Summer Term Newsletter

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Our summer term starts now! Here are some of the things you can get involved in…

Isis Wings Workshops with Celia of Borders Arabic Dance
This Saturday (31st May) 12-1pm & 1.30-2.30pm
A space has just become available on one of these fully booked sessions!!
1 space available £15 | To snap this up and join us, book your space via the SHOP PAGE
or over the phone on 07853 197 964.

Regular Weekly Classes with Bellydancingbarbie and Tigerlily
A six week term with a luscious varied timetable.
Mondays | 6.00-7.00pm | at Little Egypt
BellyFusion | Modern, stylised, creative style
Best for: Flexibility, strengthening, toning, relaxing
4 Classes £29 |  Spaces available 
(taught by Tribal Tigerlily. Runs 2 June to 23 June)
Mondays | 7.15-8.15pm | at Little Egypt
BellyStretch | shaping a leaner, elegant, more relaxed silhouette
Best for: Flexibility, strengthening, toning, relaxing
6 Classes £37 | FULLY BOOKED
Tuesdays | 7.15-8.15pm | at Little Egypt
BellyBasics | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility
6 Classes £43 | Limited spaces remaining
Tuesdays | 8.30-9.30pm | at Little Egypt
BellyDance | Layering, choreographies & improvisation
Best for: Learning, styling, confidence, expression
6 Classes £43 | Limited spaces remaining
Wednesdays | 6.00-7.00pm | at Little Egypt
BellyBasics | All the basics, technique & conditioning
Best for: Learning, strengthening, toning, flexibility
6 Classes £43 | 3 SPACES REMAINING
Wednesdays | 7.15-8.15pm | at Little Egypt
BellyDance-A-Long | Dance now, think later!
Best for: Fun, transitions, grace, poise
6 Classes £37 |  Spaces available 
Thursdays | 7.15-8.15pm | at Little Egypt
BellyJam | Energising aerobic bellydance class!
Best for: Fitness, toning, calorie burning, flexibility, energy
6 Classes £37 | FULLY BOOKED
Saturdays | 10.00-11.00pm | at Little Egypt
BellyMummas | Pregnancy bellydancing
Best for: Fun, gentle exercise, easier & calmer birth
Taster session details coming soon
Saturdays | 11.30-12.15am | at Little Egypt
BellyBubbas | Mother & child bellydancing
Best for: Fun, early learning & development, bonding together
Taster session details coming soon

You can secure your spaces in regular summer classes online via the LEARN PAGE
or over the phone on 07853 197 964
NEW Foam Rolling Group Exercise Class with Lindsey
This functional fitness class starts on Wednesday (4th June) 8.30-9.30pm
Ease sore tense muscles, increase flexibility and improve posture in as little as 10 minutes!
Drop-In £7 | You can bring your own roller and mat or order/purchase at Little Egypt
All the details for this class are over on the CHAT PAGE

Performing Class Troupe with The Mala’ikah Project
Troupe classes begin a week on Saturday (7th June)
Enjoying creating, practicing & performing together at a variety of community events & shows.
There will be a small troupe membership fee towards costs, admin & sundries.
Being a troupe member will also bring some troupe privileges!
The first choreography we’ll be having fun with is a short playful Baladi style piece with optional finger cymbals, the second will be an exciting upbeat fusion of Egyptian Saidi with the roaring 1920′s. Sound good? If you’d like to join or rejoin The Mala’ikah Project contact Lindsey directly, email

“Project Happy” Filming with SmallFryUnify
Yes, we’re doing one of those HAPPY videos! Sssh though, it’s a secret!
I’m delighted that our neighbours, the SmallFryUnify crew, have taken on the filming and editing of this fun project! With them onboard it will look sensational! :)  Filming will take place on various days throughout our summer term and we’re currently looking for a number of you who’d like to take part in the ‘traveliing to class’ shots. If you’d like to get involved in any aspect of this project, have suggestions or creative ideas please email: We’d love for it to be a great big vibrant community collaboration! :) #BDBecauseImHappy

Little Egypt Studio Open Day with your friends!
The Gorgie Dalry Gala Day is on Saturday 14th June so to coincide with this, Little Egypt Bellydance & Holistic Health Studio, will open it’s doors to the public to come have a poke around and see what goes on inside that warehouse building with the doors in the sky!
The studio will be open from 12-4pm with music, performances, mini taster classes & alternative therapies, costumes, jewellery and of course lots of chilling out on floor cushions with refreshments! Come and join us for all of the fun the fair! You can follow this event on Facebook & Twitter and if you’d like to add something to the day, whether it be offering beauty treatments, a charity bakesale or selling your preloved costumes etc. just let me know and I can set you up a wee stall.

Looking forward to a fabulous summer of shimmies, wellbeing and fun with friends!


Lindsey Xx.
Bellydancingbarbie &
Little Egypt Bellydance Studio
11c Murieston Lane
EH11 2LX

F Bellydancing Barbie T @BDBarbie

F Little Egypt  T @LittleEgyptUK

*NEW* Foam Rolling Class

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A few of you voiced interest in setting up foam rolling sessions so I’ve worked out a regular class format and BAM, there it is!

So, I hear you ask…

What is it & how does it work? ‘Foam Rolling’ is a form of Myofascial Release which has taken America by storm in recent years. It works with a similar principle to a remedial sports massage, however, this you perform yourself utilising your own body weight for leverage and applying pressure to the trigger points to stimulate the stretch reflex. Listening to your own body’s signals and reacting accordingly are also key to achieving a positive objective. Originally developed and used by Physiotherapists, this treatment is now offered by top trained fitness professionals who have seen it’s outstanding results and appreciate its potential benefits for their clients.  It’s applications are vast, here are just some of the benefits you can gain:

  • Relief from muscle soreness caused by tension
  • Increases flexibility and suppleness
  • Re-alignment & maintenance of good posture
  • Sculpts the body through toning to produce light, lean, elegant muscles
  • Transforms quality of movement
  • Increases depth of movement
  • Lymphatic drainage release of toxins
  • May be helpful in the treatment of scar tissue & cellulite
  • Increases circulation of the blood
  • Builds balance and harmony between muscle groups
  • Improves the condition of the skin
  • Raises general baseline level of fitness
  • Prevents injury from overworked muscles & stressed joints
  • Encourages steady weight loss when used as part of an exercise programme
  • Raises body temp making it an effective warm up phase of exercise
  • Effective stretch component during cooldown phase of exercise

…you can imagine the positive effects this can have not only on your dancing or sporting activity but potentially on your whole life!

Who is it for? Dancers (both professional and amateur hobbyists) sports persons, physical professionals, runners, yoga, pilates & aerobics enthusiasts and some of the fitter mainstream population can all benefit from foam rolling. You do require a good level of general fitness, a mild degree of upper body strength and moderate core strength to get the best rewards and the activity itself will develop these further. Our small group classes will allow for tailored tuition and teaching points so if you don’t have perfect bodily awareness this isn’t a problem, guidance will be on hand.

I’ve used foam rolling with many of my fitness clients. One client in particular had muscular back pain for approx 2 years and within 3 sessions of Foam Rolling they felt freed of the pain cycle. I’ve had a similar experience when I suffered a muscular injury. I now use Foam Rolling on a regular basis between classes to keep my muscles both strong and flexible ..and to release my calves after years of high-heel wearing! I LOVE foam rolling, it’s addictive and you’ll be amazed by the results! I can’t recommend this highly enough, it’s an investment in your health or at the very least it’s worth trying out!

What does it feel like? The first time you roll, I’m not going to lie, it can be rather uncomfortable. From there on in, with regular sessions it feels better and better until it starts to feel amazing! If you’re someone who enjoys a deep back massage with applied pressure, chances are you’ll like this. It’s a good discomfort, like a deep stretch, it feels productive. Within 10 minutes you’ll feel lighter and more supple and you’ll enjoy that sensation so much you’ll happily work through this feeling. As the health of your muscles improves, discomfort eases and warmth & relaxation follows. It feels satisfying and wholesome.

You’ll see instant results in 1 session and I’d recommend at least 6 consecutive sessions if you want deeper, more progressive results. After that you can go on and practice some of the techniques and teachings safely by yourself at home. You will likely find that joining us in ongoing classes gives you the best adherence and progression but you’ll have the lovely option of performing it yourself anytime. eg. wake up with a sore back? Heal it!

When does class start, where do I sign up?

Foam Rolling Class starts on:

Wednesday 4th June | 8.30-9.30pm at Little Egypt
Drop-In | £7 on the day | Just come along

This is a fitness class containing zero dance. Men are also welcome to attend this class. I will be in my personal trainer persona, expect lots of anatomical teaching points and to sweat for your results.

Where do I get a roller & a mat? A decent roller for this purpose is around £20-30 from a physio suppliers and they come in different densities. We will be using a “full length, full round” in classes. You are welcome to bring your own roller or you can purchase one at Little Egypt for under £20. You might like a mat for some of the exercises, preferably one around 6mm thickness, these can be ordered at Little Egypt.

What should I wear? Stretchy clothing like you’d wear to the gym or to a yoga class, preferably fitted for easy of movement. Barefeet, FootGloves or indoor trainers.

I’ve a previous injury, can I still do it? Depending on the injury, you may be able to proceed with caution. Email for my opinion and double check with your GP or specialist.

**Please do not attempt this form of exercise yourself without proper training as incorrect usage can lead to serious injury**

…for those of you who enjoy a flowing movement, stretch, wellbeing & meditation class you want to try get a space in BellyStretch. …and for those of you who’d prefer a more conventional relaxing massage, get in touch, I have diary space! £35 per hour session with pre & post treatment consultation. For this just email me!

Summer Term of Classes

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Our summer term of classes starts on Saturday 31st May with two fabulous fully booked Isis Wings Workshops taught by guest teacher, Celia Buchan, of Borders Arabic Dance, then we have a wonderful six week term of weekly classes with a very luscious timetable starting from Monday 2nd June.

Belly Dancing Class Edinburgh Bookings



Mon 6pm | BellyFusion w, Tribal Tigerlily | 4wks | Spaces
Mon 7.15 | BellyStretch | FULLY BOOKED
Tue 7.15 | BellyBasics | LIMITED SPACES
Tue 8.30 | BellyDance | Spaces available
Wed 6pm | BellyBasics | LIMITED SPACES
Wed 7.15 | BellyDance-A-Long | Spaces
Thu 7.15 | BellyJam | FULLY BOOKED
Sat am | BellyMummas | Ask for info
Sat am | BellyBubbas | Ask for info

We are Edinburgh’s only registered bellydance school and classes are held in our own beautiful dedicated bellydance studio, Little Egypt, 11c Murieston Lane, Edinburgh.

We’ll also have a number of exciting events happening over the summer that you might like to get involved in, from open days, community fairs & troupe dancing to movie & party nights!

 Join us for summer shimmies, wellness, new friends & a lot of fun!
You can secure your spaces here:
Please note spaces shown on the site can take a while to update and should be used as a guide.


Summer Term of Classes

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Hey ladies,

currently we’re in week six of our eight week spring term and we are having an absolute ball! :) It’s wonderful and so heart warming to hear all of your positive experiences and feedback on our classes together. To see such enthusiasm, joy, confidence and new friendships growing is what this dance is all about for me.

Our summer term of classes went live for priority booking this week, meaning that those who are currently enrolled in any class can prebook their spaces on any classes in advance of them going live for general booking.

General booking will open next week when the rest of the world can secure any remaining spaces by booking via the website, over the telephone or in person at Little Egypt Bellydance Studio.

Summer term will run as a six week block and boasts a full timetable of different classes to choose from including a number of workshops and social events to get involved with as your heart desires.

Summer classes are now listed over on the  LEARN PAGE  for ogling and diary noting…

Bellydance Superstars

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All of these styles of bellydance and more are available at Bellydancingbarbie’s Little Egypt.

Join us in class or hire us for a performance.

Add some sparkle to your life at

Isis Wings Workshop with Celia of Borders Arabic Dance

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Celia Isis wing workshop little egypt edinburgh

 This spring presents an exciting opportunity to learn the art of dancing with Isis Wings!

Celia of Borders Arabic Dance will deliver two exclusive Isis Wings Workshops at Little Egypt Bellydance Studio on the afternoon of Saturday 31st May, one at 12pm and a second at 1.30pm.

Open to dancers of all abilities, wings will be provided or you can bring your own for a spin if you have them.

This workshop will provide you with new knowledge & skills, confidence, muscle toning and of course, great fun!

Isis Wings Workshop | £15
Saturday 31st May 2014
at Little Egypt Bellydance Studio

12-1pm |  FULLY BOOKED 
1.30-2.30pm |  
Book your space via the shop Events tab HERE
over the phone on 07853 197 964 or at Little Egypt
Map & Directions HERE

If you missed out but would love this experience you can note your interest to be contacted should we run another workshop in future. Just email or pop into Little Egypt 

Costume & Accessory Spring Sale

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I recently completed the task of doing our annual stocktake. Fiddly and phaffy? Yes, but actually pretty enjoyable when the stock you’re counting is so gorgeous and sparkly!

It occurred to me that we have way more items for sale than you’ve seen. Only a small percentage of the costuming and accessories that are available are on show at any one time in the studio and online. Many of these items are one-of-a-kind unique pieces, completely handmade and imported from all over the world – largely from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Afghanistan, India, Turkey, Greece, USA and more.

With any luck, I’ll have more shiny new sparkles and treasures arriving for us in the coming weeks and summer months, some really special pieces, so it seems only fair to create a little extra space for them…





Come seek out your treasure at Little Egypt Bellydance & Holistic Health Studio before/after classes or during special opening hours: Saturday 2-6pm when you can browse the souk, try things on, chill out with tea, soft drinks, baklava & cupcakes!

Preloved items are also welcome, check out “how to sell your own items” at 

Beautiful bargains going fast! 

See you soon,

Lindsey Xx.