Autumn Term of Bellydancing Classes

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The fringe may be coming to a close but the shimmies are just about to begin!

A new term of Bellydancing Classes at Meadowlark AYE in Marchmont is starting the week beginning Monday 2nd Sept. Same glorious venue, days and times. New learning, new shimmies, new energy and ventilation system?!
“That’s just over a week away!” I hear you cry. Yes, yes indeed, it is just over a week away, the wait is almost over! :)

All classes at the Meadows are live for booking on the website Learn Page NOW.
Please note: This is a 6 week term scheduled over 7 weeks as no classes will running the week beginning Mon 16th Sept. This is unusual for us but is necessary on this occasion. If unsure, just ask.

Interest in spaces is high as ever so please do not hesitate to book if you wish to join us for fabulous funtime shimmies!! This term is likely to fully book out completely. Remember the only way to secure your spaces in each class is to Block Book the term via the ‘Join Class’ button on the Learn page – these are priority spaces. Second priority goes to those who attend using a Flexible Class Pass. Those with existing passes must now contact me so I can reserve your spaces. Reserving does not guarantee your space but provides priority over those who Drop-In on the day paying cash. Again if unsure at all, just ask …quickly!

Bellydance Studio Launch

The team are hosting a “Little Egypt” launch party for close friends and passionate champions of “BDB” on Saturday 7th September from 7pm. This will be an intimate event by invitation only.

Following our Little Egypt launch I will announce our first timetable of classes and events there and I look forward to sharing these details with you later.

Looking forward to belly dancing with you all very soon …go the sisterhood, yalla!

Shimmies and exciting times,

Lindsey Xx.

A Little Update…

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Very busy times behind the scenes right now, busier than ever before. Working hard & winning challenges! Lots of challenges, the ones to be expected and then all the hidden ones that eat up time and budget, like the roof leak etc. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Besides a few things to be wired in, fitted up etc “Little Egypt” is no longer a full on building site and I can now remove my site manager hardhat as we’re entering the final stages. Alongside these building works all social enterprise business processes are being streamlined, systems are being backed up, dead wood is getting gone, new content is being written and preparations are well underway for fresh new classes, workshops, therapies, parties and costuming goodies – we’re busy creating the future!

I’m aware that I currently have a substantial backlog of messages and enquiries to respond to. I’m steadily working my way through these as and when I can and hope to have replied to all by Monday, if not before.

A new term of classes will go live for booking on the website within the coming days. I anticipate the new term will run at both Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh and Little Egypt. I’ll send round group emails, post here and link to social media in advance of them going live so everyone has a fair chance of securing their spaces. Interest is off the scale!

So keep a look out, remember fastest fingers wins! You can also follow the progress of Edinburgh’s Bellydance Studio renovations and read all about it through my previous post HERE

Enjoying this transient time. As I mentioned back in March  “Without change the world would have no butterflies” and since then I’m forever trying to help them find their way back outside! You know you’re following the right path in life when nature picks up your rhythm.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your support and encouragement, it will be rewarded.

Shimmies and love,

Lindsey Xx.

Introducing… Little Egypt!

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The name Little Egypt carries an enchanting air of mystical legend within western bellydance history.

The story goes that once upon a time in 1893 a show was performed at the Chicago World’s Fair titled ”The Algerian Dancers of Morocco” at an attraction called “A Street in Cairo” One of the shows performers, a dancer of Syrian nationality reportedly named Farida Mazar Spyropoulos was billed as “Fatima” but because of her petite frame she was affectionately nicknamed “Little Egypt” Her stage presence and charisma completely stole the show. She popularised this exciting new form of dancing, taking it to the people. As a direct result of this newly sparked interest many tribute acts sprung up and toured across the entire US with many of their dancers also billed as thee “Little Egypt”

Farida Mazar Spyropoulos is believed to have been the original Little Egypt. The original show she performed in is believed to have been the first time the United States ever saw belly dancing. This ripple created the first wave of western intrigue in the sensational exotic dance that today we call Bellydance.

In the 120 years since then, Bellydance has continued to mesmerise western audiences and strengthen its passionate participants. It is a popular dance genre, very diverse in itself. It welcomes everyone and has a lot to give. It continues to grow in popularity and depth yet holds exclusive enough to endure whilst remaining deeply respectful of its roots, traceable back to prehistoric times. 

You might be drawn to belly dance for all sorts of reasons: health, freedom, fitness, love, beauty, strength, energy, culture, fun, community… I’m drawn to bellydance for the positive experiences I can share with you.

…and so, after a lifetime of dreaming and the culmination of over five years of blood, sweat, tears & plain hard work; including hundreds of hours of research, working simultaneous full time jobs, a ridiculous number of phone calls, legalities, legislation and the ultimate test of willpower…

Ladies, gentlemen, boys & girls, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to…

The UK’s first fully themed, custom designed, Bellydance Studio.

  • 50 Square metre regular shaped studio
  • Premium quality eco-friendly, non-allergenic, UV cured, solid bamboo flooring
  • Top end underfloor heating system with high performance underlay
  • Life on record wireless bluetooth audio systems with 3.5mm aux input & remote control
  • Full 8ftx16ft wall of mirrors
  • Daylight therapy lighting
  • Contemporary Middle Eastern & Mediterranean decor
  • Souk area & refreshments
  • Superfast broadband
  • On & off street parking
  • Excellent travel links
  • Neighbouring community park

Opening Autumn 2013 at:
11c Murieston Lane
EH11 2LX

Check back to follow the progress of renovations and stay tuned for news of our launch events…

With love & shimmies,

Lindsey Marie Silver
Managing Director
Bellydancingbarbie | Little Egypt

Meet The BDB Team | Introducing …Lindsey!

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The fourth member of the Bellydancingbarbie team is me, Lindsey!

You may know me from such programmes as Taggart, Rebus & River City… (just kidding, that’s Shaun’s opening line!)  Seriously though, you probably know me already but for anyone who doesn’t know me so well, hey, I’m Lindsey! I’ve been bellydancing now for somewhere over the rainbow between 10 and 13 years. I’m unsure as to whether bellydance devoured me or if I devoured bellydance, either way it was delicious and has continued to be the single most positive thing I feel anyone can do for themselves.

In the olden days I used to work within the Scottish crown courts system, I had a “good job” Well, let me tell you, as a left-handed  leo, born the year of the rooster, I needed something more creative in my life! I discovered Bellydance, met someone who showed me adventure and I travelled round the world. On my return I worked for a youth charity whilst training my mum to be in the best possible health for a major challenge she then faced. All the while I was bellydancing. Family asked for demos, friends asked to be shown some moves, they told their friends and soon I held sessions for women’s groups and danced in restaurants. I then put myself through several years of health, fitness and exercise education in persuit of excellence. It was during this time that I conducted the world’s first research study into Bellydance and motor skill acquisition which some of you ladies actually took part in! :) I emerged from my studies a sought after fitness and dance professional,  managing the gym at Edinburgh College, teaching bellydance at Heriot Watt University and performing at many high profile events.

Being me has led to many adventures, for example, a few years back I baffled medial scientists at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and this bizarrely led to eating dinner across the table from Stephen Hawking (long story!)

What else? I have an irrational dislike of napkins. Just the paper ones, others are fine. I have this thing for Evan Davis, the economist presenter, it’s not really a “thing” it’s just a thing. He is so lovely!

You may know me as “Lindsey, Linders, Linderella, Liny, Liny Bin, Binny Bops, Dolly, Dollface, Little Doll, Barbie, Bellydancingbarbie, BDB” ..although I have also been referred to by friends as “An Entrepreneurial Wizard” and my personal favourite “The World’s Smallest Big Shot” :D :D :D  Lol.

Today bellydance is my life. My passion, my full time career. It is my whole heart & soul and the moon & the stars. What I do today is make it my job to share that powerful enlightened energy with the world, fresh and optimistic, as the day I discovered it.


So there you have it, the BDB team: Amy, Marysia, Lisa and Lindsey.

…but wait! There’s something missing here, there’s one more introduction still to come…

Meet The BDB Team | Introducing …Lisa!

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Hey I’m Lisa. I’ve been learning with Bellydancingbarbie for about two years.

 I first experienced belly dance when I was about 12 years old. On holiday in Spain with my mum we attended a cabaret show and I’ve been hooked ever since! I decided to take up lessons after my mum passed away as it was something we had both wanted to do.

Since joining Lindsey’s classes I’ve performed at the Edinburgh festival and won third place in the group category at Miss Fabulous Belly Dance Competition. I’ve now joined Team BDB as an intern hoping to increase my skills and knowledge even more.

My love of tribal style dance reflects my love of music. Finding alternative music to use in dancing has become something of an obsession!  I love that like music, belly dance is something which everybody can relate to, no matter what language we speak.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel

Meet The BDB Team | Introducing …Marysia!

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All the way from a small town called Elk in North-East Poland, through capital Warsaw, with a couple of stops on her way, she came straight to Edinburgh. Here she discovered her passion for cultural festivals and her marketing skills. Here she did her first shimmies, omis and mayas.

Marysia is a recent graduate from Marketing with Festival and Event Management (MSc) at Edinburgh Napier University showing real passion for her profession. She has experience in administrating social media content for a live music venue, promoting various festivals and events and in managing volunteers and paid staff. Running busy festival life Marysia still has time for her other passions like travels, baking, looking after her friends’ cats and of course belly dancing.

Dance was always somehow present in Marysia’s life. As a child she went to ballroom classes and felt in love with tango and jive. However due to health problems she missed too many classes and left the course. She remembered watching dancers competing in tournaments at her primary school dreaming to spin in a beautiful dress one day. It was a challenge to build up the confidence to start dancing again, however she followed her dream.

She tried salsa, modern jazz, contemporary and contact improvisation however her true love she found in belly dancing. Beautiful music, discovering muscles you would never think of and first of all, feeling the connection with other women – all that made her fall in love with this ancient art of dance.

Belly dancing to Marysia means being within a community of amazing women, sharing their passion and time together. She is excited to join the Bellydancingbarbie team for this unique internship. She is looking forward to developing numerous skills from belly dancing to marketing and to have a great time with fabulous bellydancing women.

Meet The BDB Team | Introducing …Amy!

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I’m Amy, you might already know my face as a regular in BDB’s BellyDance classes and I occasionally drop into the BellyJam Classes as well.

I started off in the Basics Winter term 2011 with very little belly dance experience, and now, well; there is no stopping me! I’m completely hooked and have a great enthusiasm for Belly Dancing Barbie and the BDB Community.

I’m so excited about this internship opportunity. Genuinely looking upon this role as a fresh way to explore and learn new level of Bellydance interests. What I’m hoping to get out of it is some fabulous chances to get behind the scenes, be creative, to learn something new, and have something to challenge my day-to-day routine this summer and at the same time spark some personal development and possibly even add a new level of social outreach into the bargain! I can’t wait to get stuck in!

So….  I love being a part of The Mala’ikah Project Last summer was amazing learning a new routine and performing as a troupe at the Edinburgh Festival, so I’m really keen to see another awesome summer dancing with you ladies.  I’m thrilled that the routine of 2013 is going to be a powerful traditional piece, (don’t want to give too much away in case it sounds like a spoiler)

I have to admit I’m more at ‘home’ with traditional Cabaret style, but by no means does that mean I’m not up for trying a bit of Tribal, Oriental, Fusion and Improvisation.

So regardless of what you’re into, or what level you’re at, in my opinion …. I think you must know when you are a belly dancer in spirit because you can dance to anything and everything with a shimmy and a smile.

Keep in touch

A x

Building A Bellydancingbarbie Team!

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You may recall that I posted an ad on here back in the spring for Summer Internships to build a Bellydancingbarbie Team!

The response was far greater than I could ever have imagined! The calibre of applicants was really high, the skill set varied and plentiful and I spent many an hour, ok several days actually, making my selections to compile a shortlist of applicants to invite to interview.

Interviews were held over a three week period and I thoroughly enjoyed the process, the echo of the BDB ethos and the enthusiasm that ripples outwards. On a personal level can I just say that I’m absolutely WOW’ed by your support for BDB, your passionate interest in joining me in what I do and your desire to help me ensure we can continue and progress this fabulous positive thing we got going on! Thank you to all who applied and to those who shared this opportunity with your friends.

In the end I didn’t find two suitable applicants - I found three!!

So over the coming months BDB Team members will be assisting me in shipping some goals and life long dreams. Helping us progress as a healthy and thriving women’s dance and wellbeing community. We’ll be bringing you a delightful plethora of exciting bellydance news, reviews, articles, events and more! …and of course, in true BDB fashion, we’ll be making history. This is the first specialised Bellydance Internship Programme ever to be offered!

I look forward to introducing you to the Bellydancingbarbie Team…


Lindsey Marie Silver
Managing Director


Adding some sparkle to your life!

Classes Are Fully Booked.. Again!

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All classes in our summer term are now:

Well done to everyone who booked their spaces! We have a summer full of shimmies to look forward to including a number of exclusive invite only events – news to follow!

As before, if you didn’t manage to secure a space on the full term keep a look out for one off Drop-In spaces as these may become available due to holidays etc. Check back soon for lots of exciting news, events, chat and details of our Auturm term…

Remember there’s also the option to have BDB deliver private tutorials & fitness training sessions for you and up to 2 others. These can be completely tailored to your learning and interests and are without a doubt one of the quickest ways to develop dancing technique, style & fitness. Discounts are available to BDB girls who have attended regular classes before and are booking a block of sessions in advance. Diary space currently available on Mondays, Wednesdays & Sundays. Check out the “Dance/Fitness Instructor” tab on the Hire page and send through an enquiry form.

Ladies, my excitement for this summer term and future terms is so great I actually feel like my heart could just leap right out of my chest! I cannot wait to share more of the joy of bellydancing with you all …YALLA!!

Shimmies & sunshine,

Bellydancingbarbie Xx.