Aditi Taster Workshop – Sat 18th April

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on April 19th, 2009


What a great session we had yesterday – 2 whole hours and we only scraped the surface!

What we did:  We had a blether about bellydance in general, spoke about the origins of the dance whilst keeping our minds free to do our own research.  Watched a quick demo of a cabaret style performance and followed with a Bellydance specific warm-up. We then practised basic stance, various basic moves which we broke down and then built up, including; hip circles, break, hip drops, the shimmy plus variations, figure of 8, basic hand and arm movements, freestyle arms, snake arms, Egyptian arms.  Intro to veilwork with various basic moves.

Thoughts:  As the session progressed we all began to share our experiences and before long our faces were all just beaming with smiles. During our freestyle hands exercise there were some beautiful expressions, very fluid, some quite stunning!  I think this may have been my favourite moment of our workshop!  What was your favourite bit? Maybe there was a particular move you liked best or was there one you feel you just couldn’t get?  How did you feel in class?

I noticed something very special about our group – EVERYONE has a good base level of body awareness and natural rhythm.  Lucky ladies!  You are more graceful than you think.

I hope you are all feeling healthy today and that the sun is shining where you are too! I thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all and hope to see you again for lots more girly fun!

Lindsey Xx.

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