Aditi Taster Workshop – Sat 7th Febuary

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on February 7th, 2009


Well, well, well – what a fabulous time we had this afternoon?!!

What we did: We had a little discussion about Bellydance, what it is, different styles and variations, the essence of the dance I guess. We watched a short demo in Egyptian Cabaret style. Warm up moves, practised “basic stance”, and spoke about the importance of “engaging core” We then had a shot at loads of different “basic moves”. We recognised having a “dominant side” and specific moves we feel we could excel at. We then went on to “Veilwork” where we tried a few basic and a few more advanced moves. (We also discovered the mechanics of sash and case windows and had a giggle at some of my silly analogies)

I like the fact that we worked quite hard in a fitness sense. I love the fact that this was a very informal and sociable class. We covered a lot in that 2hrs. A very diverse group of people, everyone had something really special to add to the session.

I’ll put that handout on here for you all and I’ll also give a copy for each of you to Aditi Centre reception so you can pop in and pick one up if you wish. A couple of you were interested in the music I was using, details of how you can get a copy will be posted on the site shortly. Others were interested in future Workshops/classes, please check back at the site regularly and if one comes up that you fancy I suggest booking your place early as these fill up really fast! Please email me or post comments here.

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop - I only wish we’d had more time!


Lindsey Xx

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