Awakening Spirituality Through Feminine Dance – Summary

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on February 28th, 2010

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(PAST EVENT) 12-2pm £10 (£8 conc) Awakening Spirituality Through Feminine Dance

Engage with the goddess as we explore and express the ancient ritual dances of our grandmothers whilst blending with modern oriental dance styles. Through ancient movements and physical story telling this workshop will provide women of all ages with a connection not often experienced in modern society and an opportunity to come together in their own true purity.

© 2010, Lindsey Marie Silver.

This workshop was part of this years Middle Eastern Spirituality & Peace Festival of which there are many wonderful events happening across the city within the coming weeks.

I wrote this workshop for every woman thorough a strong desire I have to return our deep connection to one another. Here was my thinking…


Most of us today will have gotten out of bed, had our ritual cup of tea or coffee, perhaps had a quick scan over OK or Heat magazine which might have pictured many idolised celebrity women in a compromised light, before you travelled here listening to Lady Gaga singing about following someone until they’d eventually fall in love with them. Light-hearted average morning maybe?

Well… Lets explore what has gone before us…


In ancient times women stood at the centre point of the community throughout every part of the world.

Prehistoric markings dating back to thousands of years B.C. have been found within hillside caves depicting women of all ages dancing in circles.

During these dance gatherings 1 woman would facilitate, leading the group in a dance. Often dancing for hours at a time, each woman transcending physically and emotionally into a new level of consciousness, into a place of inner stillness and peace, of freedom from self, from guilt and from sorrow. Into a place of glory, joy, happiness, satisfaction and being unified with the group and the universe. Open to inspiration and open to feelings of natural ecstacy.

As we dance, we dance from the inside out. This will not be a dance to be observed by an audience, this is an experience for the women of the community, for us, each woman providing her own unique contribution and personality, every woman sharing her wisdom and beauty. This is spiritual dance. Spiritual dance can be the most uplifting experience imaginable.

Each group is different and each dance will develop its own unique flow, allow this to happen. Allow yourself to be guided by the group with every breath, allow consciousness to drift and allow ecstacy in.

When you can let go, the natural flow of energy dances you. It opens up the channels of the body to clear away old emotional blockages, belief systems that no longer serve, and the memories the body has held onto long after their helpfulness disappeared. We allow life to dance us again.

© 2010, Lindsey Marie Silver.

…and there’s plenty more where that came from… More exciting workshops and classes coming very soon!

These are exciting times! ;)

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